Originally Published in CE Pro Magazine in February 2017 and written by Michael Maniscalco of Ihiji

“Food, water, shelter, Wi-Fi. They’re basic human rights. When the Internet goes down, that’s when $%#@ gets dark.” 

That is a quote from a great commercial by Wi-Fi startup Luma. It stars the actor, Internet celebrity, and meme hero formerly known as the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Take a minute and watch the commercial because it’s both entertaining and incredibly telling.

Today’s home network is:

  • The “Digital Foundation of the Home”
  • “More Important Than Water”
  • One of the “Most Important Utilities In The House.”

This is why smart technology professionals are taking network performance more seriously than ever before, and investing in training, tools and education to improve the level of service for their customers.

By the same token, technology professionals are busier than ever. So when a client complains about a minor network problem, it’s often easier to brush it off. The integrator might even say, “Everything is working,” (albeit at a snail’s pace) or, “It was online when I checked it.”

However, if you approach this problem as an opportunity instead of a waste of time, you have a great chance to show your customers the value you provide — and keep them from turning to your competition for the service they expect. Savvy integrators will parlay this into a managed service opportunity with a monthly subscription.

5 Signs of a Crummy Network

Here are five common scenarios many of your customers will experience due to poor network performance — and a few tips on how you can solve these problems and win those customers for life.

To read the 5 Signs See The Full Article on CE Pro.com

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