Another great community effort by team Ihiji

Team Ihiji took to their volunteer caps (and shirts) this past April Fool’s day when we went down to the Capital Area Food Bank.Capital Area Food Bank Volunteers
The Capital Area Food Bank is an organization based on relieving hunger in Central Texas. Last year alone, they were responsible for providing over 33 million pounds of food for those in need. Most of the people they help have to choose between food and other necessities that every person should have access to, like medicine or housing. Some parents even choose to starve themselves so that their children and families can eat. As a bonus, the meat that is not sent out to the community due to issues with quality is donated to the zoo. Our more animal-loving employees took kindly to that.
We spent the morning on Friday, April 1 sorting all kinds of frozen foods; meats, vegetables, and frozen dinners all donated by the community all needed to be sorted to make sure the food they provide is the best quality possible.

CEDIA volunteer shirt at Capital Area Food BankWe moved a lot of frozen goods

The amount of food that the Capital Area Food Bank has at their disposal is astounding. We sorted through thousands of pounds of food in about 4 hours at their warehouse, and put just a dent in their total supply. Stacks and stacks of different foods await sorting in their warehouse, and we were happy to help in any way possible. The Ihiji team was able to sort and pack up 480 pounds of frozen meats enough to generate about 3,733 meals. Yeah!
Volunteering is something Ihiji is very passionate about. We genuinely care about the community around us because we are a part of it. Austin has been great to us, and we feel it is our duty to give back in whatever way we can. Whether it is sponsoring meetings to educate others in our industry, building bikes, or sorting food to feed the hungry, we want to do our part to help our community thrive and flourish.

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