Having dealers experience that “AHA” moment is so crucial when trying to adopt a managed services business model. In the world of remote support the technology behind Ihiji Invision makes it a standout product on its own. Dealers recognize the worth of remote support, but are discovering its value for a variety of unique reasons. These accompanying “AHA” moments help highlight our dealers overwhelming dependence and love of Ihiji Invision and managed services in their business.

The Ihiji team gathered feedback from a number of different dealers on what aspect of Invision helped to send the service from a great service, to the undeniable solution for remote monitoring. From auto discovery to service contracts to security, dealers shared their insight on the moment that Ihiji Invision “clicked” for them.

“I already thought Ihiji was a must have for every installation. The Auto-Discovery makes setup faster, saving me more time and money than Ihiji already was. Our service department has never been more profitable, and the level of service we provide to our clients has never been higher,” Christian Ratcliffe, Onyx Theaters. The user friendly aspect of Ihiji Invision is evident to all involved, especially those in the installation process.

One of Ihiji’s dealers, David Miller of Perception Technologies, expresses the satisfaction that customers feel through the client care plan of a contracted system.

Service contracts offer peace of mind to your clients. Clients appreciate knowing they can call you when something is not working and that it gets taken care of and they don’t have to think about getting a quote, figuring it out, and having a budget for it,” Miller said.

Owner and President of Residential Media Systems, Caleb Fetter is another one of Ihiji’s dealers. Like many others, he finds that having a customer care plan is great for business, but finding how to convey the benefits to the customers means addressing any confusion.

“Showing the customer what we can see with the tool, and that we can’t see their Internet activity or how many emails they are sending, is very valuable. When you show it to them, they get it. They say ‘Oh! Ok, I don’t have to worry about security, and you’re not seeing the websites I’m visiting. You’re just seeing that my devices are working,” Fetter said.

More and more custom integrators are taking the leap into remote services and are converting to a managed services model that simultaneously boosts revenue and customer satisfaction. Implementing a managed services plan manifests to our dealers the value of having an added service that generates steady recurring revenue. More now than ever, dealers are experiencing their transitional “AHA” moment with remote monitoring services and are changing the home automation industry.

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