We’ve all heard the stories, small business struggling through the weight of the recession, but while many businesses buckle under the pressure of change, some managed to thrive by rethinking their strategy. This is the brief rundown of Anchor Technology Group which have restructured and rethought their strategy and business model. Since the change they have effectively expanded their offerings while at the same time pivoting their business toward services. Focusing on the experience and service of the customer has proven to be lucrative in the long run, since a big part of making this model work requires that their customers subscribe to an annual remote support and service plan. This is great for Anchor because they can keep site visits to a minimum and great for clients because Anchor’s preemptive support often catches issues before the client even notices there is a problem. 75" TV dropping down from ceiling

Consider this: for a small organization, simply picking up one troublesome customer who is too far away could spell disaster if the support process is not well designed to minimize on-site tasks. When you’re dealing with high operational costs from on-site labor, you have to be honest about your own processes. If you have never considered the costs of supporting your customers it would be worth your while reading this article on labor costs by CEPro as well as a few BLOG posts on the Ihiji website.

In order to not only survive, but thrive, the business’s aim should be to limit the labor, travel time and material costs required for on-site visits. Clements (the founder) realized that avoidance is the key to successful support, and saw that his clients needed a strong Wi-Fi network and Ihiji to support the growing number of devices resulting from the boom of the Internet of Things. With this new foundation in place, even preventative maintenance becomes a simple remote process (updating firmware) that can be done from headquarters instead of rolling out another truck. With these tools, Clements was able to provide exceptional support to existing customers as well as bring in new clients who provided RMR to his company

The final assessment by Clements is that they simply would not have attempted to sell and deliver these services to his clients across the very wide geographical area he has expanded into if they were not using Ihiji. The Invision remote technology management toolset helps them to manage their support burden, produce monthly service revenue and dazzle their customers with an exceptional experience, across all of their technology needs.


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