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In the current economy, a reluctance to change can seem fairly standard. But change that involves strategically rethinking and restructuring business is done to benefit both the business and its clients can greatly improve the whole business. That includes revenue, margin, reputation, and client satisfaction.

This was exactly the case for Park Security Systems and we wanted to share that story with our dealers. Giving more attention to their clients’ support needs has proved to help them bring in substantial revenue from an entirely new recurring services revenue plan. This model reduces the number of on-site service trips and helps technicians to uncover problems before they are even detected by the client.

Park Security Systems can have clients that are anywhere between 20 and 80 miles away. The cost for the service plus time and resources used can add up for both the business and the client. In fact, a recent CEPro Summit report puts the average truck roll at about $85-$100 per hour. Aside from that, truck rolls can cause inconvenience for clients by having to make multiple trips if they are needed to successfully complete the service. Captureerw

Matt Muccitelli, the owner of Park Security Systems, knew that something had to be done for his company to not just exist in the industry, but do succeed. In doing this, support costs needed to be reduced while still retaining reliable support for clients. After connecting Ihiji devices to each client network, the company has seen significantly fewer truck rolls while providing new, bottom-line recurring revenue. They are also able to diagnose and fix problems before the customer was aware that anything was wrong at all, boosting to their overall client satisfaction rate and reputation in the industry.

Park Security Systems now has a developed system of client support service plans to provide their clients. Using Ihiji products, they have created a Service Operating Center that has reduced service costs and improved their ability to support clients quickly and efficiently.
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