Mike Maniscalco, one of the founders of Ihiji, received a feature in the Azione Unlimited newsletter , discussing the most common problems that integrators and dealers run into when it comes to support services.  For those who are unfamiliar with Azione Unlimited, they are a CE retail and custom integration technology group centered around promoting business between dealers, vendors and integrators alike. We are very pleased that they

The Use of IoT Devices is Increasing A Forbes article by Louis Columbus highlights some statistics are going to significantly changing the manufacturing business. The article highlights that the majority of manufacturers have not only implemented or plan to implement Internet of Things (IoT) devices, but plan to use an increased amount of these devices. This majority of manufacturers also believe that the increased implementation of IoT devices will improve product

  A recent report put together by Parks Associates called “The Evolution of Tech Support: Global Trends and Outlooks” is worth a look. It is a pay report (and we don’t get a piece ;-)), but it may be worth your while if you are interested in how your clients will be more willing to pay for the right RMR services as it relates to the health and optimization of their