Are Free Warranties Killing Your Profitability? Service is a numbers game. Here’s how to win. If you’re a home technology professional, offering your customers a free warranty following a complex installation is the right thing to do. Manufacturers offer varying coverage levels of warranties from 90 days up to a lifetime. And then integrators provide a warranty of some kind, which typically ranges from 90 days to 12 months and

Ihiji releases Major Update and New Hardware Integrations If you have been on the fence with setting up remote technology management service plans for your clients built on Ihiji Invision, this might be the nudge you have been waiting for. Team Ihiji is proud to announce the release of a major new update to Ihiji Invision. This update provides new features for our clients, addresses some appliance issues in the

This year’s CEDIA trade show in Dallas was Ihiji’s biggest show ever and we had a lot of fun meeting a huge number of integrators who were either currently using or interested in implementing our software as a service (SaaS) and remote network management tools, in order to begin generating or increase recurring monthly revenue for their business. Ihiji ServiceManager launched and recognised as best in category at CEDIA 2015

Ihiji to launch new SaaS product to help technology integrators You know Ihiji as the leading remote managed services provider for the technology integration market since 2009 with Ihiji Invision. We’ve been working closely with our existing dealers over the years on how we can help them to make their business more productive and profitable. We’ve learned a lot about what was holding them back. In other words, many of our dealers are using our

We are incredibly stoked to announce that the soon-to-be released Ihiji ServiceManager has been selected as one of the top finalists for the upcoming CEDIA Best New Product Award. This is quite a prestigious award indeed and we are very excited to be bringing our new solution to market for our customers and technology integrators of all types and sizes. Please come on by the booth at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Dallas

Submit and Vote on New Ihiji Feature Requests Cast your vote for most desired feature request. Help us make Invision even better. Ihiji Invision is a powerful tool giving dealers the ability to detect, diagnose, and resolve network problems remotely. As feature rich as our tools are, we occasionally hear from dealers on new ways Invision can make their jobs even easier. To capture and prioritize these requests, we put together a Feature Requests