RMR Service Operations Center, Ihiji ServiceManager helps integrators sell services

When it comes to getting your money’s worth at any tradeshow or conference, (like CEDIA Expo) there is not a lot more you can ask for than to have:

  • An established and brand leading product
  • A launch of a new, award winning product
  • Lots of buzz
  • A great, smart and hard working team

This year at CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas, we had all of this going for us and a lot more. So many topics for our technology management experts to talk with integrators about. Judging by the fact that we were swamped for most of the show and everyone looked pretty engaged, CEDIA Expo can definitely be counted as a big success for Ihiji and the integrators alike.

CEDIA Best New Product, CEPro-Best New Product at CEDIA Technology Integrator Exc!te  award

CEDIA Best New Product, CEPro-Best New Product at CEDIA Technology Integrator Exc!te award

Ihiji ServiceManager is your Service Operations Center (SOC)

Our newest product, and launched here at CEDIA Expo, is a SaaS solution designed to give technology integrators the business operations tools they will need to run and optimize their service and support business. Features include contacts, service plan setup, RMR billing, documentation capture and trouble tickets. If you are looking to either set up a services business or to make your services business more effective than it is today, all in one system, subscribe to Ihiji ServiceManager. Know more about it and get early access

Check out our new CEDIA booth

CEDIA, cepro exc!te award servicemanagerWe only bring out the big booth when we know we will be entertaining a whole load of integrators interested in making their jobs and businesses a lot better. This year at Expo, we were not disappointed. Everyone is talking about remote technology management as an entirely new service area. Something which can both lower your support exposure and create new revenue. When you have so much hardware sitting out in the field you need to support, the larger you scale, the more you are looking at a potential operations nightmare. You can choose to send warm bodies and trucks into the field to troubleshoot, reboot or power cycle; or you can sit in your Service Operations Center (SOC), back at your office and resolve it all from there.

Positioning Technology Management services to your Clients.
Think Security Monitoring

Most clients of high end theater systems, home automation and security systems understand the concept that in order to have their home monitored 24 hours a day by a security professional, they have to purchase a monitoring service. Essentially, this is a service featuring technology and a person who are monitoring just the security devices inside of your home, alerting the owner and possibly the authorities, if a device is tripped.

Remote technology management is much like having a monitoring service, but for all the IP devices in your client’s home. When you look behind the curtain (AKA, the rack closet), there is an array of complex servers, storage, controllers, routers and other stuff you don’t want a typical homeowner poking around in, even just looking for a power button. Quite often what you are installing resembles a small company network, rather than just a home.  And, that is just the closet. Some sites may have additional tens to hundreds of other devices distributed throughout the property which you will need to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve issues for. The fact is that all of this gear is pretty complex, in many cases requiring the most advanced technician to troubleshoot and service it. The good news is that with remote technology management, the most qualified technicians can also cover a much wider reach of support than by traditional means.

Learn more about Ihiji Invision Remote Technology Management.

Do I need Remote Technology Management Services

If you answer YES to any of these questions, both you and your client will benefit from remote management services.

  1. Is the first sign of trouble usually prompted by a call from an angry client?cedia expo crowded booth
  2. Do you have to roll a truck to troubleshoot an issue on-site?
  3. Do you have to roll a truck to reboot, power cycle, update firmware or adjust settings of any on-site device?
  4. Have you ever tied-up one of your experienced technicians to do a simple device swap, when you could have sent a low-level technician?
  5. Do pre-party or vacation home check-ups require a visit to the site?
  6. Do you have at least 1 site which takes over an hour to reach for support?
  7. Are any of your client sites experiencing more than 3 problems a year?

Top Tips Heard at CEDIA for Selling Services

  • For customers no longer under warranty who call with trouble, you could offer a free truck roll if they sign up for remote technology services. Just remember to bring an Ihiji appliance to install.
  • Compare the revenue and profit associated with charging a truck roll fee per client or in charging a monthly remote technology service fee.
  • Call it the “Technology uptime and optimization plan”. This is another term to describe near zero downtime for your client. Forget about it, everything just works, all the time. That’s worth a lot.
  • Offer 1 year free warranty if Ihiji is connected, only 6 months if it isn’t.
  • Include a free annual firmware upgrade with the service.
  • Require the service on devices requiring the most support.

If you want to know more about Ihiji Invision, the award winning, brand leading remote technology management solution. Visit the main Ihiji website.

For details on how Ihiji ServiceManager can help to build and run your services business, visit the landing page and submit the “Early Access” form.


Would you rather just watch some timelapse video from CEDIA Expo?

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