Ihiji takes the top spot for Remote Managed Services again

Each year CE Pro releases their CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis report, analyzing which brands are most used by the industry’s top 100 highest revenue custom integration companies. For the third year running, Ihiji takes the top spot in the remote managed services category, and we couldn’t be happier that we are still the brand of choice for CEPro 100 integrators

Ihiji takes the top spot in the remote managed services category, and we couldn’t be happier that we are still the brand of choice for CEPro 100 integrators

Ihiji Sets the Bar for The Category

In the report, Senior Editor of CEPro Robert Archer observed that the remote managed services space is “still taking shape”, and we agree. Manufacturers of AV gear, control systems and security devices have been making their devices IP-enabled for a number of years. Yet traditionally, you had to troubleshoot these IP-enabled devices individually (provided they had some form of remote monitoring software that you could access). More typically, you had to return to site as there was no way of you getting a true overview of the health of your client’s network from the comfort of your home or office.

What we have seen take shape in the past year or so is that integrators are realizing that they can dramatically reduce their operational support costs and generate a new recurring monthly revenue stream by managing all of these devices remotely through one unified software platform, such as Ihiji Invision.

The category of remote managed services is growing, with about four in ten dealers installing some sort of remote power management or full system management device on a site from which they earn service revenue (not necessarily RMR). As Jason Knott (Editor, CEPro) said in his 2015 State of the Industry Report, “Dealers recognize that any installation starts and ends with the home network.” As the number of devices on home networks rapidly increases, so do potential points of system failure and, as a result, support calls. This year will likely see many integrators recognizing the merits of installing a remote managed service system on a site, so that they can spend a larger percentage of their time managing current or new projects as opposed servicing old ones.


Ihiji is the Brand Leader

You can download the entire report for free at CE Pro’s website, but here is a quick look at the Remote Managed Services category market share for CE Pro 100 integrators below. Ihiji is still defining remote managed services as a category and has plenty in store for the coming for the second half of the year and beyond.


From Time and Materials to Recurring Revenue

Whether you started your business as an AV installer, a home automation expert or a security company, your business is now an IoT (Internet of Things) business that is forced recognize the dominance of IP-enabled devices within commercial and residential clients. Any device with an IP address within a residential or a commercial client property is going to be connecting to the same network. What that means is the problems you could encounter with the individual devices you installed may have nothing to do with those devices at all but rather the quality of the network itself.

When we asked CEPro Senior Editor Bob Archer about the increasing importance of network monitoring, he said that “Given the shifting technology market and consumer preference in how the public views technology and expect services, RMR is a great opportunity for custom installers to augment their traditional revenue streams. High-speed networking and cloud-based services are enabling a new-generation of customer service that not only benefits homeowners—it saves dealers the cost of rolling trucks to fix simple problems the crop up from time-to-time, and the numbers that are trending in the CE Pro Top 100 Brand Analysis bear this out.”

If you have not gotten yourself up to speed on this highly valuable new space for integrators to save operational costs and make recurring revenue, let us help. Sign up for one of our free webcasts and learn more about remote network management at a beginning, intermediate or advanced level.

CE Pro Chart for Remote Managed Services

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