Full article written by Ihiji’s Michael Maniscalco was originally published in Technology Integrator Magazine in February 2017

Tips to help home technology professionals find the RSM that’s right for their business.

Consumers today demand a seamless technology experience, where all their smart home devices and network systems work as they should when they should. A Remote Systems Management (RSM) platform can help home technology professionals deliver that level of service–while saving money by reducing truck rolls.

Because platforms are a long-term decision, with the appliance installed in clients’ homes for years and a substantial investment in training required, home technology professionals should consider their options carefully before making a selection. Having said that, a few key features differentiate a professional RSM platform from the pack:

  • Robust user management
  • Deep visibility of all devices on the network
  • Professional-grade hardware.

Additionally, an RSM should scale with your business. The tool that works for you now should also work as your company hires new employees, adds new customers, or signs a new deal with a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) or custom home community–if that’s the direction you see your business growing. A tool to support a large organization and mass deployment needs to allow for robust user management so that as employees come and go, you can easily add or remove those users from the system.

You’ll also want the ability to give proper permissions to each user so that some technicians can only reboot, others can configure, and a select few have complete remote access to the network and all the devices on it. When reboots are performed or technicians remotely access your client sites, you’ll want to ensure a level of security and accountability through individual, traceable logins. A professional RSM provides all of these features so that as your business scales the tool scales with it.

Tools for a Diverse Industry Focused on Performance
The CEDIA industry is deeply rooted in performance. Many HTPs started as two-channel HiFi guys. Others came out of performance home theaters. Newer businesses entered the industry offering luxury smart-home integration. In all cases, the CEDIA industry is deeply rooting in performance–and today more than ever, that includes network performance.

Professionals have tools to ensure the home automation, audio, and video systems are properly calibrated and performing optimally–the network is no different.

The Difference Enterprise-Grade Network Monitoring Provides

Enterprise- grade network monitoring tools measure performance at the level a home technology professional expects. This includes monitoring Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN) performance. These tools also allow deep visibility into how custom electronics devices are performing down to the level of firmware, memory, temperature, and output status. A professional-grade RSM provides for deep performance monitoring and device visibility.

Finally, a professional-grade RSM is built on robust remote monitoring and troubleshooting hardware. Is the appliance powerful enough to monitor today’s ultra-fast ISP connections and support the future needs of your customer’s network and ISP? Is it built with custom integration in mind? Will it perform in a rack? Or do you worry about someone knocking the power loose, cutting off your remote access lifeline? A Raspberry Pi is a great consumer grade tool but is it the right hardware to monitor critical networking infrastructure on enterprise grade equipment?

Ihiji Remote Systems Management: Built for Professionals, By Professionals

These are just a few of the key differentiators that set professional-grade Remote Systems Management tools apart. As a technology professional, these are the features that you want your platform partner to provide.

Ihiji was built by technology professionals, for technology professionals. We have deep experience in the CEDIA industry and listen to your needs to develop the right tools for your business and your customers. It’s because of your commitment that we continue to innovate and adjust to the changes in the market. We’re excited to share that we have some big developments in store for 2017 and beyond!

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