The Connections Summit on the IoT at CES

The Connections Summit put on by Parks Associates was an assembly of panels and research results on the various challenges and opportunities in the hyper growth Internet of Things (IoT) segment. This year, Ihiji CEO Suart Rench was asked to participate on one of the panels titled, Support Solutions: IoT and the Connected Home which examined the innovative support technologies which will be required in this new IoT economy to ensure an optimal connected home experience for consumers.Stuart_Rench_CES_Panel_IOT

The industry experts in this group in addition to Ihiji included and other companies which will are already playing a significant role in helping to define how the smarthome and connected home consumer will be supported in this rapidly expanding space where complexity is likely to increase before it subsides.

IOT Panel Take-Aways

Here are some take-aways from the panel. Rench suggests that the exact model to support the IoT consumer has yet to be determined but definitely in flux right now.

  • Supporting IoT has several challenges. a survey of the audience ranked the top 3 which included
    • Connectivity (ie, network)
    • Setup/config, and
    • Interoperability
  • Support is rapidly evolving and the entity that will be providing support is still up in the air. its a bit like a hot potato right now, but ultimately it will always burden the consumer (directly or indirectly)
  • The ISP gets a lot of the calls, even though they do not have the capacity or the tools to support IoT devices and networks. Lots of companies emerging to create support infrastructure, but that is proving to be very difficult without interoperability
  • Access to data will be integral to providing a good support experience. consumers don’t want to troubleshoot on their own, and then have to go through all of the support steps multiple times with different support reps. They expect entity providing the support to know everything instantly, perhaps, even preemptively.

Have a look at NetworkWorld who have a nice write-up on this IoT support panel as well.

If you find yourself facing these kind of issues related to the support of your IoT clients, complete the form  below. Ihiji can help.


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