Did you know you can actually make some good revenue from remote monitoring and support? It’s true but it often times requires a little bit of creativity.

You’re probably looking for new revenue opportunities as our industry goes through continued evolution. Recurring revenue is also an attractive option to integrators as it can compound over time and also allow them to have a continued and predictable stream of income. While you can create significant cost savings that impact the profitability of your company through remote support, remote monitoring provides a great opportunity to create some new revenue opportunities.

When we had our integration company one of the first remote monitoring requests from a customer was a temperature sensor in a walk-in refrigerator. The unit had died twice that summer and nobody was able to hear the audible alarm – meaning they lost thousands in food, wine and caviar each time it died. So we were able to propose up a monitoring agreement that made us over $500 a year! To the customer this is a high value monitoring opportunity.

There are some other great opportunities to capitalize on monitoring, here are a few we recommend:

Temperature/Humidity – Equipment closets, freezers, refrigerators, wine cellar/storage (eSensors is plug and play with ihiji and can be purchased directly from ihiji’s eStore)

Simple reboots using the minuteman RPM-1521 (available from ihiji’s eStore)

This inexpensive IP power device allows you to perform remote reboots within invision. Offer to save customers money if they have a problematic device that requires frequent reboots and charge them $100-$200/year.

Internet monitoring – if a client complains about the reliability of their ISP offer to monitor and auto-reboot their modem/router. The combination of the RPM-1521 (available from ihiji’s eStore)

This does auto-reboot, and the ihiji appliance, which monitors the internet for free, is a cost effective way to pinpoint provider issues and properly manage outages.

Voltage monitoring – is bad power driving you or the client crazy? Most of the IP power products we integrate with also support voltage notifications. Keep an eSensors voltage sensor with an invision appliance on your trucks for easy troubleshooting (available from ihiji’s eStore)

Bundle with all of your networks. You are selling a managed network so manage it. Require that all networks be monitored with ihiji and bury it in the network costs. This is key to stability and performance of today’s network based systems.

These are just a few thoughts and you can start to imagine the other opportunities out there. If you have other we’d love to hear them!

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