Ihiji was launched in 2009 and since that time the company, solutions and business models have evolved quite a bit. This quick article is designed to clarify many questions you and your team might have about Ihiji Invision. So let’s hit the reset button and debunk some common myths about Ihiji!

Myth #1: Ihiji is expensive

When we started Ihiji in 2009, the solution was indeed expensive at $3,450 per year per client! But over the years, our pricing has changed significantly as the market has also shifted. Today, we are the most cost-effective independent Remote Systems Management (RSM) tool for home networks. With our new Ihiji Invision Lite level of service, an active dealer can manage reboots of PoE, PDU and UPS devices, monitor ISP uptime, test internet speeds and get a snapshot of the devices on the network for NO additional monthly fee. With the exception of the hardware, it’s essentially FREE to use Ihiji Invision Lite to do reactive remote service and support and standardize all of your power management in one platform.

Myth #2: Ihiji is hard to setup

Ihiji Invision is a very powerful tool. I like to compare it to a Crestron or AMX processor – out of the box it doesn’t do much, but with an investment in programming and setup, it could launch a space shuttle! Invision is the most powerful and informative RSM on the market, so if you really want to get to outer space with your RSM, it requires some time and tweaking to take full advantage. That being said, the basic setup can be complete in as little as 5 minutes, and a typical site can be configured in less than 15.

Myth #3: Ihiji is complicated

As with most things in life, a finished product reflects the effort invested. Ihiji Invision is a robust RSM that was built for custom integration professionals. A technician can certainly figure out the basics with little time or training, but to truly understand the ins-and-outs of remote monitoring and management, proper training is suggested. Ihiji offers monthly training webinars, one-on-one training, helpdesk articles, phone support and in-app chat support to ensure your techs have everything they need to succeed. While some solutions may seem very simple to setup, when you really get under the hood, take advantage of the power, dial in your notifications and alerts and get a fully scalable installation base, all RSM solutions take a little elbow grease to get fully tuned.

Myth #4: Ihiji needs a mobile app

Done! Head on over to the Android or Apple store and download it today! We launched our apps at CEDIA 2016 and have made some solid improvements since that time. The Invision App ensures that your technicians don’t get caught up in app overload because they are juggling remote management apps from 6 different companies. Remember, Ihiji Invision is the only RSM that supports all of your favorite PDU, UPS and PoE switch manufacturers so that your techs have a “single pane of glass” for all of their remote management. This saves them time and headaches and makes your organization more efficient.

Myth #5: Ihiji is only for big systems

Ihiji’s new APP-750 remote monitoring and management appliance was designed for systems large and small. Our pricing ensures that the solution scales from a simple home network all the way to a fully automated residential compound. Pricing is simple so that you and your sales team can easily standardize Ihiji Invision for every installation you do. This is all done with a single monthly fee that isn’t based on the number of devices on that network. It’s simplified!

Myth #6: Ihiji is noisy

These days the networks are the digital foundation of the home. For an RSM to alert and monitor reliably, the network must be as solid as a poured concrete foundation. Once you have the foundation stable, any remote monitoring tool can be noisy if not configured properly. Ihiji has invested years of research and development in ensuring that the system can be dialed into your preferred level of sensitivity. With features like Notification Zen, Daily Digest Emails, Notification Groups, advanced alert thresholds and executive reports, a dealer has all of the flexibility needed to make Ihiji Invision notifications work for their company. Our account managers and support team can even work with your technicians to get the system “dialed-in” to your liking!

Myth #7: It doesn’t do anything… I still have to send a tech

While Invision does not completely eliminate the need to put a technician in the house, it’s features are designed for you to provide instant triage, understand the complexity of the issue and have the right technician going onsite with the right parts on the first trip. Remotely identifying errors in device configurations, programming errors, and control system failures are just part of what we do. Furthermore, chasing down systems issues, especially with complex networks, requires remote monitoring tools to identify root causes and patterns. Additionally, ConnectNinja’s remote tunneling capability allows for remote configuration changes and loading of files and firmware without a VPN or port forwarding. At the end of the day, you may still have to send a tech, but you’re sending the right guy, with the right knowledge, proper tools and correct equipment to resolve the issue as effectively as possible.

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