What is the true cost of Truck Rolls?

You probably don’t want to know.

The Technology Service Industry Association estimates the cost of a standard truck roll to be $1,000 or more each time.

Additionally, according to a CE Pro survey, most dealers have 6 site visits or more per month (~40% of dealers have more than 10 site visits per month).

This means that most dealers spend about $6,000 or more per month dispatching Field Service Technicians.

It doesn’t take much mathematical skill to show how bad these numbers are for a business. Technicians are losing money and time completing unbillable on-site visits that may only require a simple system reboot. Because of device warranties, the integrator must absorb service costs themselves. Consequently, profits are chipped away slowly but surely.

Let’s break it down. The costs of truck rolls can be boiled down to the following: Labor Cost, Truck Cost, and Opportunity Cost.Break Down of Truck Roll Costs

It goes to show how important remote device management is to achieving your business’s highest profit. The ability to manage and fix devices from the office saves valuable time and money that can go to revenue generating endeavors.

With Ihiji Invision, you can do just that.

Your technicians can remotely monitor the status of all of your clients’ networks and IP devices. Through Ihiji Invision, your business can perform a myriad of tasks remotely including the following:

  • Centralize service operations
  • Keep technicians focused
  • Send the right parts on service calls
  • Estimate your time better on site

Monitor your devices and reboot systems remotely without the need to send out technicians to fix a simple problem. Use Invision, and save your business $6,000 or more each month on Truck Roll costs.

Decrease truck rolls. Increase profits. It’s as simple as that.

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