Speaking to some of our more successful and ambitious dealers recently, we started to pick up on some common themes. Here are eight CRAZY reasons these dealers install Ihiji Invision for Every Single Client and finding amazing success.

  1. As an Ihiji Invision dealer, you can can now deploy unlimited Ihiji Invision appliances to ALL of your clients at no extra cost with your company’s Invision license, making it the most cost effective solution available. An Invision Lite level of service allows power management across all of your devices under your standard license, giving you the ability to directly reboot Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, Power Distribution Units (PDU), and many other devices for no additional cost. Regardless of the manufacturer Invision can reboot these devices directly. But it gets even better — ISP Uptime Monitoring and speed testing are also included in our Invision Lite level of service so you can do more for less!

  2. Avoid app overload and confusion while saving time and money with Ihiji Invision. Whether you have a Lite or a Standard level of service, our new iPhone and Android Apps allow you to train your techs on just one system. Ihiji works with all of your favorite PoE switches, PDUs, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), so there is one app, one system, and one set of logins, saving tons of time and money. Increase the profitability of your service organization and squash those crazy warranty expenses.

  3. A one-two punch: proactive + reactive — deploy Ihiji appliances whether clients are paying for a monthly service plan or not. Invision Lite lets you react quickly with remote reboots and Internet testing when clients report problems. Then, when the client calls with real problems, you can seamlessly upgrade to the Invision Standard level of service and active monitoring to save the day with better insights. Or, for clients who expect and are willing to pay for higher levels of service, you can proactively monitor their networks from the beginning, allowing you to detect and fix problems before they even notice there’s anything wrong.

  4. Remote access that saves the day! Has your ISP ever rolled out a firmware update and locked you out of your own router? Have your clients ever been told by ISP support to factory reset the provided cable modem, which resulted in a double NAT, crushing you and your remote access options? ConnectNinja saves the day by giving you full access to any device on that remote network, even with a double NAT present. It’s the superhero of Mr. Ihiji’s ninja squad!

  5. Within our modestly sized company we have nearly 50 years of combined experience in creating RMR for residential systems integrators. In 2006 we sold our first service contract to one of our customers in Palm Beach, FL. Service contracts allowed us to sell our integration company in 2009 and build out Ihiji to where it is today. Not a day has gone by that we haven’t helped a dealer with their RMR challenges. We’ve learned, adopted, and generated more RMR knowledge and resources than any other company in the home automation industry.

  6. Ihiji gets better every day. Recent enhancement to Ihiji’s network scan make it best in class for device auto-discovery. New features are coming soon to our mobile app, and a refreshed design is in the works that is simply stunning. We’re also actively developing MAC address following to ease setup and monitoring on your smaller installations.

  7. Deep manufacturer integrations — “You mean I can see the current firmware then click this button in Invision to upgrade my client’s Sony AV Receiver?” asked one astonished dealer at CEDIA Expo. The answer is yes! We added support for hundreds of new integrations into your favorite CI products last year. With our new Vendor Insights Program (VIP) you’ll continue to get rich access to device information that matters.

  8. Remote monitoring leads to MAJOR network upgrades. Today’s networks have more and more traffic dumped on them every day. Growth in IoT, mobile connectivity, audio streaming, and 4K HDR content is crushing old equipment. We estimate the lifetime of a good network is only 3-5 years. Invision lets you constantly monitor a network so you can know when it’s time to sell an upgrade, and it gives you the data to make your case. Bad wifi led to a $40k network upgrade for one Ihiji dealer!

Bonus: five tips on how our most successful dealers get it right

  1. They make an Ihiji Appliance a required accessory in D-Tools for every router they sell. This ensures that appliances are always specified with every network and system proposal.

  2. They keep Appliances in their vans for quick deployment on warranty and problematic jobs.

  3. They respect the challenges that come with complex and remote jobs. There is nothing worse than a blind service call to a remote client installation. Ihiji Invision has saved them headaches and thousands of dollars by giving them the insights, data, and remote access they need to chase down the ghosts in these problematic installations.

  4. They document! Remote reboots are worthless if you don’t know which port or outlet your remote devices are plugged into. Our most successful dealers use Google Drive or Dropbox to ensure their documentation is always up to date!

  5. They think about the bottom line and take advantage of bulk purchase discounts. Did you know that orders of 5 or more Ihiji appliances are eligible for a discount?

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