Ihiji releases Major Update and New Hardware Integrations

If you have been on the fence with setting up remote technology management service plans for your clients built on Ihiji Invision, this might be the nudge you have been waiting for. Team Ihiji is proud to announce the release of a major new update to Ihiji Invision. This update provides new features for our clients, addresses some appliance issues in the APP-500 and adds a number of new hardware profiles that many of our dealers have requested.

Even more devices you can manage in Ihiji Invision

A huge part of this release is the addition of even more hardware profiles to the hundreds which are currently included in Invision today. That means that we can give you even more control of more of the devices that you install and support in your client projects every day. If you are looking to gain the most power from remote technology management, the more device you have control over, the better.

Here are the new networkable devices we have added:SkyBox Set top dvr

  • Skybox Set Top Box: a wireless home entertainment system from Sky. Sky offers an enormous selection of TV channels and movies that can be watched in HD and on compatible devices.Surge-X
  • Integra DTR 20-7: an A/V receiver with 7.2 channel configuration that includes audio decoding and processing for the majority of Dolby and DTS surround formats.
  • TrippLite SUINT3000RTXL2U: a SmartOnline 2.5kW double-conversion UPS system with an optional economy model. It maintains continuous operation through blackouts and voltage fluctuations.roku box
  • Surge-X UPS-1000-OL: a UPS from SurgeX’s battery backup line primarily for A/V systems, business servers, point of sale equipment, telephone, and data networks equipment that need runtimes of 1.5 hours or more.
  • Wattbox WB-300VB-IP-5: a Compact Power Conditioner in Wattbox’s 300 series that gives full control over all 5 outlets and provides premium surge protection. It also allows for remote feature access, real-time monitoring, and customer management from a phone, computer or tablet.
  • Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, and the Roku Streaming Stick: These devices connect directly to a home network and provide the biggest selection of streaming channels on the market.
  • Control4 WV01 and WS01 models Additional Supported Control4 Models:
    • Touchscreens:
      • C4-TT10-BL
      • C4-TT10-WH
      • C4-TT7-1-BL
      • C4-TT7-1-RD
      • C4-TT7-1-WH
      • C4-WALL10-1-BL
      • C4-WALL10-1-WH
      • C4-WALL7-1-BL
      • C4-WALL7-1-WH
    • Controllers
      • EA-1
      • EA-3
      • EA-5

Great new secure remote access features for Ihiji Invision

Ihiji Invision secure device tunnelling

Easier access from network map to tunnel into devices

  • Easier access to ConnectNinja: The feature allows secure tunnel access into hardware devices. Dealers told us that this feature was difficult to access, so we moved it front and center to the system map page. Now you can tunnel into a specific device from the same place where you see all devices on site.
  • Updated deployment architecture on all appliances, which was designed to create easier, more reliable and overall faster development cycles for features that matter to our dealers.
  • We have added even more options for managing device alerts to help in reducing the number of possible false positive alerts and other device emails you may have been getting previously.

Our team is excited to roll out these updates to the Ihiji firmware. We are confident that they will strengthen the relationships we have formed with our clients by making our products and services more reliable and efficient. It is recommended you look through Invision to see how these new additions can help your capacity to support your clients.
If you are an Ihiji dealer, be sure to sign up for the announcements in our helpdesk and you will get all of the announcements from our technical team on the latest updates and features.

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