Our goal at Ihiji is to provide services, solutions, and knowledge to help dealers create customers for life. How do you create a customer for life? We began the journey of learning what this took when we ran our integration company in South Florida. More importantly, over the past 7 years of running Ihiji, we have learned the secrets that makes an integration business thrive through stronger customer service and experiences.

Ihiji has a long-standing commitment to the CEDIA channel in helping all dealers grow their business through education, service, and RMR generating tools. We help dealers deliver world-class customer experiences to build stronger relationships, which lead to a better business. We provide much more than the most powerful tools for remote management, monitoring, and service delivery — no other company is as committed and aligned with your goals and future success.

The Ihiji team wanted to take a minute to share our secrets to your success:

Powerful Remote Systems Management

With seven years of development on Ihiji Invision, deep IT knowledge and years of experience running an integration company, we know what tools you need to succeed. As technology gets more complex every day, Invision is the most scalable and secure remote systems management solution for your integration business. From deep device visibility to network performance monitoring, remote access, device identification and a slick mobile app for rebooting your devices – Invision is the solution for your Network Operations Center. Our software leads the CE Pro 100, is the tool of choice for all of the leading industry buying groups and is being used by developing call center and support solutions by companies like OneVision.  

Deep Device Insights

Custom is in the CEDIA name. Custom means designing, installing and servicing your systems using best-in-class equipment, regardless of manufacturer. We believe in a Custom Integrator’s opportunity to create custom solutions. Our approach allows the dealer to specify varying levels of equipment based on price and quality to ensure the system is right for their client base. From there, Ihiji provides more than just online/offline visibility to the dealer, Invision provides deep integrations with thousands of products through our Vendor Insights Program (VIP) and Device Visibility Protocol (DVP) while giving you the freedom to choose the right equipment for the job.

Delivering World-Class Service

Mind blowing experiences are what creates a customer for life. The Ihiji Invision tool set allows you to be a superhero in your client’s eyes when you “magically” fix a problem remotely. Taking this further, delivering world-class service at scale requires tools like helpdesk ticketing. We developed Ihiji ServiceManager and are continuing to work with dealers to create tools to enable your future success as a manager of technology.

Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) — Deep Knowledge and Resources

A CEDIA integrator recently told us “you guys wrote the book on RMR.” We can’t tell you how great it felt to hear such a great comment. As evidence by the Ihiji Race to RMR — We are committed to the CEDIA industry’s success with RMR. From writing CEDIA content to creating templates and resources; we even developed Ihiji ServiceManager to fill a gap that our dealers had in their business.

RMR Generation

Once you have committed to RMR, we help make it a reality. Selling and marketing your service plans are only half of the battle, you must also have systems and processes in place to deliver on that service. Ihiji Invision is your tool to deliver service to your customers, and Ihiji ServiceManager has tools to help you easily bill your customers on a recurring basis. Furthermore, we have aligned our Invision pricing with your RMR success. Meaning you only pay for monthly service when you are generating RMR from your customers.

Ihiji is committed to helping you create customers for life. Whether you chose to do that through world-class support, high-value service plans or a combination, we have everything you need for success!


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