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Getting operationally proficient using remote network management tools is a new and challenging task for many integrators. This was one of the many things we heard from our customers in our annual survey. Our customers spoke and we listened. In this series of videos, Ihiji support technician, Nathan Olson walks through each of the steps required to get all of your client sites up on the Ihiji appliance and the Invision portal. Here are some of the topics which will be covered in this series. Here is just one of our training series of videos. Once you become an Ihiji dealer, you can gain access to the rest of the training videos.

  • Physical Installation
  • Manage Keys
  • Contacts/Users
  • Digest Mode
  • Contact Groups
  • Permissions
  • Add a Site
  • Basic Site Information
  • Test Drive Mode
  • Notification Zen
  • Adding Users/Group
  • Network Scan
  • Add Managed Device
  • Suppress mode
  • Advanced settings
  • Dummy Devices
  • Parental Relationships
  • Power Management
  • Packet Loss/Latency
  • Suppress Device
  • Device Notes
  • ConnectNinja
  • Power Cycle/Reboots
  • WAN Performance
  • Discover Devices

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