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Onevision in Boston's Charlestown

OneVision Offices in historic Charlestown Navy Yard

We spent the day with Boston-based technology solution provider, OneVision Resources talking about the evolution of the value proposition for the integration industry. As with many organizations they started their business installing entertainment, security, automation, personal and business technology devices but have since pivoted into the more lucrative role of trusted technology solutions provider. This has allowed them to center the business around the optimization of their customer’s entire technology experience in and around the smart home. That spans all screens and any device which is connected to the network. The explosion of this IP-enabled technology in the residential and commercial space has ushered in this new technology services opportunity, and the team at OneVision have cracked the code on how to make it work.

It’s not the device, it’s the experience

This is a business which manages its client’s technology devices, but only in the context of helping to improve the entire technology experience. It’s not about selling a bigger TV or upgrades which contribute to the integrator’s profit margin, but may not be the right long term fit for the client. This is a business where the client is never inconvenienced by having their technology experience interrupted. This unique approach has helped OneVision to keep its promises to its members. That’s right, this is a membership. Not like a gym, more like your own team of trusted technology professionals dedicated to the job of keeping the technology for your family and your business up and humming.

How to maximize the technology experience? Ihiji Invision, of course.

The customer onboarding team and mobile support technicians couldn’t deliver on OneVision’s aggressive SLAs without Ihiji Invision. From the initial setup of the network and devices to the day-to-day monitoring, diagnosis and trouble resolution, the team relies on Ihiji to make sure that they find the problems before their customers do. Ihiji Invision remote managed services and Zendesk make up the underlying platform in their technology operations center in Charlestown and their entire support team is well versed on both of them.

Ihiji partner profile video

As you will see in an upcoming video case study, this kind of proactive, avoid the “diving catch save” by getting in front of the problems approach, wouldn’t be viable if they were not standardized on Ihiji. Stay tuned and learn a lot more about how they do it.

Learn more about how OneVision manages their client’s technology experience at their site.

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