Get a mouth full of the highly awarded “Best Brisket in the World” and a pocket full of recurring monthly revenue while you’re at it!

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and our love for barbecue is no exception. Dry-rubbed, locally-raised brisket; wood-smoked, fall-of-the-bone beef and pork ribs; crisp, spicy, juicy sausage; and smoky, peppery, moist turkey…I’m getting the meat sweats as I write this. The pickles are dill, the onions are raw, and sauce comes on the side.

Central Texas has captured the barbeque market in recent years, hosting the now world-famous Franklin Barbeque. Rain or shine, hundreds of men, women and children wait up to six hours to eat some of the most celebrated smoked beef brisket in America.

The restaurant, voted one of the “Best BBQ Joints…In The World!” has hosted some of the nation’s most notorious food critics, including Anthony Bourdain, who — after his experience – said “It is the best. It is the finest brisket I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine anyone could surpass this. It’s unearthly in its moistness, in its perfect balance…I could tell just from the way it hit the cutting board that this was going to be just earth-shatteringly good. And it was indeed.”

Ihiji wants to help you cut the line by offering a complete Texas barbeque experience, including a world-famous Franklin Barbeque brisket and all the fixins, a pecan pie, a six-pack of Shiner beer to wash it all down, and copy of Aaron Franklin’s book – send directly to you.

To enter to win, a dealer just needs to sign up for Ihiji’s Race for Revenue, Margaritas, and Retirement contest by Oct. 31. Sign up includes a free ServiceManager Lite subscription, an opportunity to bring RMR to your business, and a chance to win an all-inclusive beach resort vacation for Mexico. See for details.

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