This year’s CEDIA trade show in Dallas was Ihiji’s biggest show ever and we had a lot of fun meeting a huge number of integrators who were either currently using or interested in implementing our software as a service (SaaS) and remote network management tools, in order to begin generating or increase recurring monthly revenue for their business.

Ihiji ServiceManager launched and recognised as best in category at CEDIA 2015

CEDIA 2015 marked the official launch of ServiceManager- our new cloud-based software designed specifically to help custom integrators, AV professionals and home surveillance firms manage and optimize their pre and post-install support operations, whilst improving their overall customer care.  ServiceManager is a real game-changer for the custom installation industry and has already been awarded a CEPro BEST Award for integrator-focused Business Solutions & Services as well as an EXC!TE award from Technology Integrator for Excellence in Custom Integration Technologies.

What does Ihiji ServiceManager actually do?

Ihiji ServiceManager manages various facets of customer service and technical support administration that our research indicated integration firms traditionally consider challenging to keep track of in their day to day running. Ihiji Service Manager enables multiple members of your integration firm to set up, store and manage customer contact information, as well as create, bill and store information on client service contracts for every customer and site you have. Plus, for the technical members of your team, Ihiji ServiceManager can track technical support tickets and act as a central repository for crucial device and network documentation, installation notes, CAD designs and site visit assessments / reports.

All the information you could need on the clients and the sites that you service can be viewed by every member of your team thanks to Ihiji ServiceManager. For example, if you had Mr. Jones as a long term client you could see his contact info, any additional contacts associated with Mr. Jones (such as Mrs. Jones or Phil his secretary), information on all three sites belonging to Mr Jones (his primary residence, vacation home and office), any open technical tickets associated with Mr. Jones’ sites, and a running log of activity that shows the actions taken by various members in your team in regards to the three sites. Maybe you see that a fourth site has been specified for Mr. Jones and that is service plan is your company’s most basic, providing a great opportunity to reach out to Mr. Jones and suggest he upgrades to a more comprehensive client plan that can better cover the four sites he will have for eventualities or technical problems. In this way, Ihiji ServiceManager can potentially help you maximize customer satisfaction as well as boost your recurring monthly revenue streams by helping you better manage and sell monthly or annual service contracts.

This may help:


So at its most basic consider Ihiji ServiceManager an online cloud-based software that can be accessed by as many or as few members of your team as desired, which will let you take complete control of the following areas:

  • Contact management
  • Service plan management- e.g. monthly service plans.
  • RMR billing
  • Technical support tracking
  • Project documentation
  • Works with Invision- makes troubleshooting even easier!

Plus, Ihiji ServiceManager works alongside our existing remote network monitoring tool, Invision, to allow you to monitor, troubleshoot and reboot any IP-enabled device on a client site from the comfort of your office. Once launched, ServiceManager will allow current Ihiji Invision users access to a single, integrated user interface for both services. For Invision users, this represents an entirely new user experience design that is expected to help simplify the remote network management process even further. This integration will also help administrators to manage user access across the various types of roles who use each of these services within their organization. If you didn’t get a chance to talk with us at CEDIA 2015 and are interested in finding out more about Ihiji ServiceManager then check out the landing page and complete the form to be added to our early access list. Check out our video from CEDIA talking to some of the manufacturers who are integrated with Ihiji Invision.

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