Ihiji’s latest video features OneVision, a Boston based technology integrator that leverages Ihiji Invision in their Services Operations Center to help manage their client’s end-to-end technology requirements. The 7 minute video features OneVision founder and managing director Joseph Kolchinsky and several other key employees of OneVision discussing their unique take on integration services and how Ihiji has been a key factor in helping them achieve that vision (pun absolutely intended).

OneVision differentiates from its competitors by orienting their business around customer service instead of a focus on selling hardware. Mr. Kolchinsky puts it best when he says “we [are] actually providing an experience to our clients. Providing that experience means that you’re a solutions provider and not a hardware seller” In fact, their tight service level agreements require Ihiji to accomplish and ensure continued excellent service to their loyal clients.

Key OneVision employees also talk in detail about the useful features that come with Ihiji, how the dashboard, connectninja and WAN speed test tools give them better options to help troubleshoot problems remotely instead of having to go on site (which can be the most troublesome, and least predictable part of their workday).

Want to see how Ihiji assists OneVision everyday? Check out the video!

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