The OneVision Secret Sauce is Ihiji

OneVision is a leading integration company based in Boston, MA. who won the prestigious 2015 Electronic House Award for Home of the Year. They say that when it comes to smart homes it’s “not about the technology. It’s about the experience”, which is undoubtedly why this top integration firm has made the conscious move to deploy Ihiji across all their client sites, including their stunning award-winning master suite project (pictured below).

Joseph Kolchinsky, Managing Director of OneVision Resources, explains the impact Ihiji have had in helping his firm deliver a high-calibre customer experience that doesn’t simply end once the install is up and running:

Ihiji have created the Invision network management platform that allows us to remotely monitor the technology we’ve installed in our clients’ homes and quickly troubleshoot problems without having to go on-site. This has the win-win effect of creating an excellent client experience by not disrupting our clients’ lives with unnecessary service calls, while allowing us to maximize our efficiency. We’re able to monitor the status of all of the devices in the home ranging from Apple TVs and universal remotes to wireless access points and routers. If we connect a device to the Ihiji platform then we are proactively alerted if there’s an issue, so we can diagnose and resolve the problem before our clients even notice. Furthermore, we can run diagnostics and send reboot commands, allowing us to manage all of their technology seamlessly and effectively.

Joseph added, “I think their service is something that absolutely every single integration firm in the country should be providing to their clients in order to monitor and troubleshoot technology efficiently.

It’s apparent much of the industry agrees, given that Ihiji is the preferred remote management platform by integrators around the country.

“…CE Pro’s 100 Brand Analysis showed that Ihiji is used by 30% of the top integrators around the country.”

About the project:

 The owners of a 2500 sq ft. luxury condo in Boston, MA wanted a state-of-the-art master bedroom suite that featured intuitive technology which didn’t threaten to overshadow their stunning view of Boston’s Public Garden and the Back Bay neighborhood. The homeowners reached out to OneVision Resources who installed:

  • Pre-wiring in the form of Category 5 Ethernet cabling and fiber-optic cabling throughout the suite.
  • Polk in-ceiling speakers ( to accommodate the shallow depth of the ceiling) above the bed for audio streaming.
  • A flush-mounted cavity for a 92’’ projection screen and space for a projector above the bed should the clients opt for a two-piece projection system in the future.
  • Nest thermostat for climate control, smoke detection and CO monitoring.
  • Crestron keypads enable control of the Crestron custom-designed motorized drapes that frame the curved bedroom window, which has breathtaking views of the city.
  • Crestron wall-mounted touch panels and phone app facilitate control of the suite’s Nest thermostat and scene lighting.
  • The condo’s network is monitored remotely by our Ihiji Invision remote network management system which lets the integrators proactively and remotely manage every IP-enabled device including the motorized drapes, the Crestron control processor and so on.
  • Most of the hardware components in the condo are also connected to IP-controlled power outlets that ihiji is enable to reboot remotely. Via Invision, OneVision can troubleshoot and reboot any aspect of the system with minimal effort.

If you’re still unsure after hearing OneVision’s testimony why not look at some of our other case studies or sign up for a free live demo?

OneVision Bedroom

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