“Think Big” was the theme at CEDIA Expo 2016 and we did just that!  

CEDIA Expo 2016 was the year of remote technology management.  We led the creation of this category as an independent, brand-agnostic monitoring platform when we launched at CEDIA Expo 2009.  As former integrators, we pay close attention to our roots and continue to innovate to make you more successful.  With a focus on what matters (RMR generation) and deep, longstanding partnerships across the industry, we continue to lead the market by innovating for you.

At what might be the biggest CEDIA Expo for the remote technology management category Ihiji made big moves to maintain our leadership position amongst CE Pros.  Over the past few weeks we’ve made a number of announcements – we know you’re busy so here are your Cliff’s Notes.

Ihiji Shows Its Commitment and Leadership – Bringing Dealers Instant RMRihiji's race for revenue, margaritas and retirement

Ihiji Sponsors the Race for RMR – We want you to succeed with recurring revenue and have put the money where our mouth is!  The Race for Revenue, Margaritas, and Retirement, sponsored by Ihiji, will bring $1 Million in Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) to integrators’ businesses by CEDIA 2017.  Winners of the contest will enjoy an all-inclusive resort vacation in Mexico!  We’re also working with CE Pro and CEDIA to highlight success stories throughout the year – so sign up today and get in on the action.  Hopefully, we’ll enjoy a few margaritas in Mexico with you!

Ihiji Makes Big Improvements To ServiceManager

Ihiji ServiceManager is a web-based software solution that empowerihiji- ervicemanager improvements for managed servicess integrators and technology professionals to run their complete managed services and long-term client-care business efficiently and effectively.  ServiceManager was launched at CEDIA Expo 2015 and won the CEDIA Best New Product and the CE Pro Best Product Award.  We’ve been adding functionality constantly and have made big improvements in 2016!

From enabling client self-signup of managed services contracts through a custom-branded dealer portal to powerful integrations with QuickBooks that enable dealers to capture and easily recognize recurring monthly revenue, Ihiji ServiceManager is built from the ground-up to make a technology services company successful.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Securely collect monthly client credit card payments for service plans
  • Easy integration with Quickbooks
  • Track customer service calls and support requests with the ticketing system
  • Client Billing Portal allows dealers to capture instant RMR with customer self-signup and credit card capture on a dealer branded website

Did we mention Ihiji ServiceManager Lite is FREE for dealers who sign up for the Race For RMR!!??

A “Library” of Recurring Revenue resourcesihiji-has-a-library-of-recurring-revenue-information

Ihiji has been leading the industry in education and adoption of service contracts for almost 10 years.  Through that decade of leadership, we have continuously generated resources for recurring revenue and service plans from pricing templates to sales collateral and industry education.   When it comes to adapting to the managed services model Ihiji has the inside knowledge and resources to make dealers successful.  Our new dealer branded client landing pages in ServiceManager for self-signup is just another example of how we’re helping make managed services a reality for your business.

Ihiji Invision Lower Pricing

Ihiji Showcasing Lower Monthly Pricing for Ihiji InvisionThat’s right, this summer we changed our pricing model to a flat-rate monthly subscription plan which gives dealers security-monitoring-like margins.  These new Ihiji Invision monthly pricing plans lower the cost of remote technology monitoring and management and increases RMR opportunities for integrators and technologists.  Our best dealers love that the new pricing makes it easier to operationalize the Ihiji Invision expense and then pile on the recurring income.  We also announced that device reboots are now free for all sites – adding to ISP uptime and speed testing in our MD-FREE plan.

Ihiji is committed to our dealer channel and the custom installation professional.  We never publish our pricing or MSRP – meaning you can incorporate Ihiji Invision into your service plans and get the margin you deserve.

Big Changes Within Ihiji Invision. There’s Now An APP For That!

Seven years of experience in remote monitoring and management shines at CEDIA expo as Ihiji shows off its new apple and android app which will be a foundation for usability enhancements.  We’ve even adapted quickly to changing market conditions by giving away internet speed testing, ISP uptime monitor and full power management across all PoE, PDU, UPS, and software bootable devices for no monthly fee – that’s right – F-R-E-E – Zip – Zero – Nada!ihiji-invision-iphone-android-Mobile-App

We also continue to give dealers a real RMR opportunity with security monitoring-like margins through limited distribution and lowered monthly pricing.  We do not publish MSRP, sell through mass-market retailers or directly to consumers.  The dealers are our priority.

Wihiji invision shows over 250 device profiles at CEDIA Expohen we launched Invision in 2009 we wanted to be the “Universal Remote” for remote monitoring – meaning you could use our platform to monitor all devices from a single interface regardless of your preferred brands.  We’ve shown continued commitment to the custom channel with integration to leading brands, most recently, SonyLuxul and 250 of our other favorite devices and manufacturers.   Very few solutions have the ability to be brand agnostic and integrate with as many industry partners.  That means no vendor lock in when you work within the Invision platform.

Lastly, have you logged into Invision or ServiceMangaer to check out our new in-app support?  We’re providing world-class support and service with the in-app chat.  You have access to our networking and RMR experts at the tip of your fingers – our tech support, product managers, engineers, account managers and administrative support are all online and happy to help you!

Ihiji works along side of industry changing partners such as OneVision

The industry is changing quickly and Ihiji is in a position to forge strong partnerships with next-generation service providers from customer-facing call center and help desk solutions to dealer facing Network Operations Centers.  Ihiji is giving these service centers the visibility, security, control and access they need to provide exemplary support to or on-behalf of the dealer.   OneVision is just one example of the many partners who we’re working closely with to make long-term client care and managed services a bigger part of your business.

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