Each year, we send a short survey to our customers. How are we doing? What new features would you like to see? What else can we do to help you to run your technology integration business? It is a very important part of our business because it helps us to better understand your business.

First of all, we’d like to tell our customers, “Thank You”. Once again we received a great response with plenty of new requests, commentary and compliments. This high level of engagement with the clients we serve tells us that we are doing something right. Our fast growing base of new dealers tells a similar story. As a result, we captured plenty of detailed feedback on how we can make our remote network management tools even more effective for the integrators who use them.

You spoke, Ihiji listened

As soon as we tabulate the surveys, we immediately look closely at our product and features pipeline to make sure that our development ninjas are working on the right things. Good news; of the top 5 new requests we got back, we already have all of them either in the roadmap or in some stage of being addressed. That is good for us and also good for our dealers.

Remote Network Management and RMR Training

One of the more frequent comments we received is that remote network management and remote managed services is a new concept to many traditional AV integrators who use Ihiji Invision. We fully understand this and as a result, we have produced a couple of great options for improving your team’s knowledge on the topic.

1. The Ihiji Invision Video Training Series

You asked for it and here it is. One of our senior support technician ninjas, Nathan Olson going deep into the weeds on how to set up and deploy the Ihiji appliance and use the Ihiji Invision portal. These are perfect for your technician, support specialists or other technologist who will be assigned to manage your remote services operations. Have a look below for a sample of what our customers will have access to view and learn.

2. Remote Managed Services and RMR MasterClass

Another request fulfilled to help our customers to make the most of the Ihiji Invision portal and get a profitable recurring monthly revenue business set-up and running. This is a more intensive 14 week program which will get owners, managers and customer support technicians fully up to speed on how to create new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs by implementing remote managed services to your clients.


Click the button below to learn more about this new educational program from Ihiji.

Create recurring services revenue business








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