Service Benefits You and Your Customers

ihiji invisionImprove Your Business

Increase Customer Service and Satisfaction

Like a fine automobile, today’s networks and integrated systems require proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure that they are in top running condition. Neglecting the equipment can lead to costly failures and frustration. Your company can offer its customers peace of mind by offering ihiji’s remote support tool to proactively detect problems – often before your client knows there is a problem. Give your business the edge, increase the uptime of your systems, and reap the benefits of a satisfied customer.

New Revenue Opportunities

Bring a new source of needed revenues to your business through the sale of customer care plans. Using remote monitoring as a value-added tool for your service contracts can create an attractive package for your customers. The ihiji invision solution is a new opportunity for all of your new and existing customers and will help your business thrive today and in the future. It’s a fact that companies earning recurring revenue are worth more than those who are not – start increasing the value of your investment today.

Good to GreatGood to Great

Streamlines Service Department

As a business matures, owners are looking for new ways to improve their processes. By creating a more proactive service model, rather than a reactive one, an integrator is able to better plan and allocate their resources. ihiji invision helps eliminate the daily hassle of reorganizing schedules caused by constantly “fighting fires.”

Green is Good

The ihiji invision solution brings a new green aspect to your business by allowing you to resolve problems remotely without rolling a truck. This increases the efficiency of your company, saves money, and helps the environment.