Detect Detect

As networks and integrated systems become more complex the problems and headaches associated with them become more common. ihiji can remotely detect problems with the many components required for today’s complex systems before they become major outages.

Remote detection improves the traditional break-fix model:

  • Quickly identify the problem
  • Don’t rely on a phone call from the end-user
  • Don’t roll a truck for every call
  • Don’t troubleshoot after the reported outage
  • Save everyone time, money and headaches

Diagnose Diagnose

invision improves the model of the typical integration company by creating a proactive system for maintaining and monitoring end-user systems.  By detecting the problem in real-time you can quickly remotely diagnose issues. Many times the problem can be solved remotely but if not, send the right guy with the right part and eliminate in-field troubleshooting.  If a control system is present ihiji can even diagnose beyond the IP network in some cases.

The invision diagnostic model:

  • invision monitors all end-user systems 24×7
  • Collect data about all inventory, or connected devices, on a given network
  • Receive alerts when a problem arises
  • Troubleshoot remotely based on information and not symptoms
  • Check WAN performance – upload/download speeds, jitter, and latency
  • Attempt to reboot or resolve remotely
  • If needed, roll a truck knowing the issue

Resolve Resolve

The invision system enables simple and secure remote access as well as one-click reboots and resets of devices in remote installations. This NetNinja™ functionality is available within the invision portal for all dealers.  The NetNinja™ functionality can soft-reboot certain devices as well as hard  reboot devices via IP-based PDUs, UPS or PoE Switches.
  • Access, troubleshoot, and configure devices remotely
  • Provides safe connection through simple and secure remote tunneling
  • Reboot devices from anywhere, even from a smartphone
  • On demand network scan for quick inventory
  • Receive confirmation that the action occured
  • Have an audit trail to know what troubleshooting has happened
  • Provide customers with instant gratification