Robust Capabilities, Simple Interface

Features and Benefits of invision:

If you’re a IT professional or Managed Service Provider, learn how ihiji can replace your Cisco OnPlus installations.

 NetNinjas! Cloud Based Power Control


ConnectNinja – Simple and Secure Remote Access

Part of our trouble-shooting, crime-fighting NetNinja team, ConnectNinja, offers integrators the ability to access, troubleshoot and configure their devices remotely through the ihiji invision portal. No more truck rolls, or multiple on-site visits, we’re bringing network access to you! Through simple and secure remote tunneling, the ConnectNinja also provides a safe connection to your devices and networks. We’ve gone on and on about the dangers of port-forwarding, and so we’ve created the ConnectNinja to forgo it along with VPNs for every minor issue. Through bypassing device firewalls, we can give you direct access to client devices from a single secure cloud connection. It helps you revolutionize your business by saving you trouble and giving you the resources to proactively keep your customers happy

powerDrag and Drop Device Assignment

PowerNinja – Simple Remote Outlet Control and Power Monitoring

invision gives integrators the ability to remotely reboot individual outlets or outlet banks with a single click of a button from within the invision cloud web interface. ihiji’s solution brings this capability to most IP-enabled PDUs, UPS or surge protectors from the leading manufacturers. Integrators can also gain valuable information on the quality of the power by monitoring voltage as well as having the ability to see current draw, battery life and battery age. Power management is configured through a simple drag and drop outlet management system. When the time comes to reboot a device there is no need to consult documentation on which power device and outlet the piece of equipment is plugged into.
controlihij’s NetNinjas bring more control to the cloud

SwitchNinja – Simple Remote PoE Switch Port Power Cycle

You can even power cycle Power-over-Ethernet switch ports via invision with a simple click of a button. ihiji’s solution brings this capability to most SNMP-enabled PoE switches from the leading manufacturers. Integrators can easily reboot WAPs, IP cameras, or touchpanels from any web browser, including mobile devices. Port management is configured through simple drag and drop outlet management system so that when the time comes to reboot a device there is no need to consult documentation on which switch or port the piece of equipment is plugged into.

StealthNinja – Software Reboots

Additionally, the invision solution can currently perform soft reboots without a power unit on certain IP-enabled DirecTV set top boxes as well as control systems processors from AMX, Control and Crestron. This allows integrators to easily address problems such as memory leaks or hung processes with a click of a button.

Powerful Monitoring Tool

accesspointsDevices that need immediate action

Single Point of Configuration and Monitoring

invision is hosted on ihiji’s cloud-based web servers which allows integrators to log into one interface for all configuration, monitoring, and reporting. Integrators can save time by creating company wide contacts, notifications, and reports that will be available to all of their client sites through a single management interface. This also creates a secure means of accessing monitoring data as it eliminates the need to log into a client’s network directly.

Full System Monitoring

invision can monitor most information that is supplied by a manufacturer’s device. Almost every IP-enabled device is capable of being monitored. Additionally, ihiji has developed custom modules for legacy systems (RS-232) to easily pass data between control system and the ihiji servers. Examples of common pieces of information monitored include availability, memory status, CPU utilization, temperature, bulb-life, hard drive errors, and ink levels.

Dashboard View

invision’s dashboard gives integrators a real-time global view of the status of their client’s systems. This view is designed to always run on an LCD in an office or NOC. The status is automatically refreshed and any critical problems or warnings are automatically brought to the top of the screen.

System Tree View

By utilizing the system tree view you can easily determine the root cause of a problem and see the other devices that are affected by the outage. This view also shows the parental relationships of the device and how your notifications will flow in the event of a problem.

Real-Time Alerts

In addition to problems being shown on the web interface, integrators can receive notifications of any deviations by email or SMS messages. These alerts can be configured to notify different members of your staff depending on the device type, severity of the problem, or time of day.

Simplified ConfigurationSimplified Configuration

Simple and Quick Configuration

Cloud-Based Remote IP Network Scan / Auto-Discovery

One of the newest and most requested features ihiji released at no additional cost is a cloud based remote IP network scanning toolset that collects data about all of the inventory, or connected devices, on a given network and provides detailed inventory reporting as to the IP address, manufacturer, mac address, last seen and first seen instances. The new Auto-discovery feature can also convert devices into ihiji-managed devices, further simplifying the configuration process for technicians and IT managers.

Easy Configuration of Devices

The company has dedicated a tremendous amount of effort into creating a simplified user-interface; once the system has been set up (in the web application) the integrator receives notifications of any deviations by email or SMS. The integrator can also log into the web interface and view real-time status, see alert history, schedule system downtime, attach comments, and provide remote support.

ihiji_cloud_based_internet_speed_testGenerate detailed reports

Helpful and Robust Reporting

Internet Speed Test

New feature enables technology integrators and IT technicians to check and confirm network functionality and relative upload/download speeds at each of their clients sites. It  logs and charts connection quality overtime, providing Internet latency, upload speed, download speed, and network jitter information. A critical component of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between clients and service providers, ihiji’s Online ISP Speed Test will benefit clients and service providers alike.

Help identify trends and problem equipment

The ihiji remote monitoring appliance reports any data from the end users equipment to the central management and monitoring backend server. The web interface allows the integrator to monitor this data, configure notification parameters, and run historical reports. The reports can help integrators identify trends or problems with specific equipment across a single or multiple installations. An integrator can also analyze data to help determine time of day or intermittent problems. New

Analyze uptime statistics and system performance

Reporting enables an integrator to identify trends that allow them to fine tune system settings in order to improve performance. By using client reports, you can demonstrate the improvement in system uptime and availability before and after monitoring was implemented as well as show the improvements that were made by identifying common problems. This is a powerful way to semi-annually demonstrate the benefits of remote monitoring to a client.

reportsPowerful System Documentation

Convenient System Documentation

No More Spreadsheets

The ihiji invision solution is a great tool for system documentation. Traditionally, integrators have used spreadsheets (if anything at all) for network documentation. Now you can use the invision interface to document IP addresses, ports, parent child relationships and even historical performance – and its all stored in one convenient place that can be shared and updated without syncing or additional complexity.

System Documentation Is Free

By utilizing “Dummy Devices” or non-monitored devices, you can create the devices in ihiji, name them, assign their parental relationships and even make notes on those devices. This is a free service with each invision appliance and a valuable tool for your business. It’s just one less reason to stop asking why is this valuable to my customer and instead realize how valuable invision is to your business and its productivity!

reportsStreet Level Map View

Powerful Map View

See when it is not your problem or just get directions

ihiji invision can help you visualize your installations and their status in a convenient street map view. This view can help you detect regional outages due to a power interruption or internet service provider downtime. For instance, if you notice that every site that you’re monitoring in a neighborhood is appearing red, a quick click might tell you that the internet is out. You can make a reasonable assumption that the ISP is having a problem and make a few quick courtesy calls to your clients – you’ll be the hero!

controlControl System Device Details

Detailed Control System and Legacy Device Monitoring

Visibility Beyond IP Devices (RS-232, Cresnet, Axlink & Zigbee Monitoring)

How cool would it be to use a control processor as a crystal ball into the future? Unfortunately, that just is not practical, however, using a Crestron, AMX or Control4 processor ihiji has the ability to look beyond the IP network into the status of devices connected to that processor. This includes full detail on that device’s health and status, so if you want to see the bulb life of a RS-232 projector, the temperature of a Cresnet amplifier or the battery life of a Zigbee Thermostat, invision can show you. You can also see the status of all Zigbee nodes and the health of the Zigbee network – saving time in troubleshooting these issues.

Processor Health

invision can also notify you when a processor is having trouble. Maybe the memory on that processor is simply running a little high following the addition of a new touchpanel to the system, wouldn’t it be great to see this information before the customer complains about the slow performance? With invision common problems like this can be quickly identified and resolved with little thought or interaction from a programmer.

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