When you have ihiji connected at 4 or 5 of your installations you might find yourself wondering what you’ve got yourself into. Yes, you want to be notified when a device on the network falls offline but you soon realize you can confidently do without many of the notifications. They not only clutter your inbox, they’re cluttering your mind. You may need Notification Zen.

Notification Zen is a notification buffer that increases the time between notifications. You learn quickly that some of the devices on the network at a site report down but recover quickly.

With Notification Zen, if a recovery is detected within the time buffer, no notification is sent. For example, if three “down” and three “recover” events occur within the time buffer, no notifications are sent. This feature has the same effect as the “check interval” feature that is set for each device on the network. With the check interval feature, you can set the time between checks (default is 20 minutes). If the device is down when the check occurs, a notification is sent. With Notification Zen, you set the time between notifications, and, like the check interval feature, a notification will be sent if the device is down at the scheduled notification time. Another difference with Notification Zen is it applies to all devices on the site. You can also set it to apply to all sites. Notification Zen is turned on by default and set with a 30-minute buffer on all new sites you setup. For sites that you have already setup, you will need to activate it. To turn it on, select the site from the dashboard, click on “Manage” followed by “Site Details.” You will see the check box for Notification Zen at the bottom of the window. After clicking on it, enter the time interval you want to set for the notification delay. To set it for all of your sites, go to Manage System settings and click on Notification Zen.

Get some peace of mind with Notification Zen and know that while it provides an easy way to minimize notifications, all events/alerts which occur during the Zen window are tracked and captured for for reporting and diagnostic purposes.

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