Ihiji Supports Pakedge Devices

One of the great things about ihiji is that our solution is device agnostic. That means that if the device has an IP address we can query important information about the device. Even better, when an API is available from the manufacturer, you are going to get even more device support when you connect ihiji to the network.

We're happy to announce that ihiji has added support for the Pakedge P20 20-port PDU. When you add a P20 through invision, you'll be able to remotely power cycle ports, reboot the unit, and check the temperature, relative humidity, current, and firmware version.

All of these are great features which could potentially eliminate the need to roll a truck to the client site, monitor the network, diagnose the problem and then fix it. Is there something else that your best technicians could be doing?

Please note that we pull the same temperature, relative humidity, and current values as does the Pakedge P20 web interface (accessible by typing the P20’s IP address into a browser while on-site), so you can verify that ihiji Invision is pulling the correct values by checking there.

As always, please let us know if you run into any issues with your implementation of this profile, and thank you for choosing ihiji.

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