Ihiji was featured in CE Pro as a lead in to the EHX Expo in Orlando where the company will be debuting its invision monitoring service. ihiji will be presenting seminars on how to create and sell service contracts and will also be part of a panel discussion on recurring revenue strategies. One solution is remote monitoring and servicing. In the Recurring Revenue Pavilion at EHX Spring in Orlando this

Ihiji was featured in the January 2010 issue of CE Pro magazine as one of “3 Emerging Managed Service Companies”. If there was a product that had the potential to pay for your company’s operating expense through recurring monthly revenue, foster higher customer satisfaction, secure your client’s network, and eliminate almost all future service calls, an integrator might feel like he found the nirvana. Perhaps dealers have found an ideal

ihiji is featured in CE Pro magazine’s 5 High-Margin Products article. “Cutting-edge technology and flashy interfaces are cool, but dealers right now should be focused on products that make them money. Here are five products that offer great opportunity for integrators to earn cold, hard cash in the form of a new sales category, high markups, a strong upsell or recurring revenue.” Read the complete article here: http://bit.ly/2hfK9Y