A hip crew in a hip new spaceihiji-office

With the battle against Ikea won, our ninjas have settled into the new office rather quickly, getting situated in the new space that features an open floor plan. While this is something that is new to the team, we are embracing the change which fosters a stronger company culture and better communication between departments (the only thing everybody can’t agree on is what to put the thermostat temperature!). Team Ihiji is especially excited about the creative spaces within our new office, smaller conference rooms featuring giant colorful bean bags, and our amazing office manager who is looking for even more suggestions from the team to make the common/conference spaces more inspiring for ideas and creativity (we all agree, hammocks.)


Happy and healthy in the center of the tech universe

The new office also has the awesome and unexpected side effect of encouraging the team to develop healthier habits during the work day. Our developers are all loving their new desks that allow them to stand or sit throughout the day, and the sales team greatly enjoys the benefit of walking downtown Austin during lunch hour. The energy of the booming tech industry in Austin is almost palpable downtown, where many major and startup tech businesses house their headquarters. We’re proud to now be part of the downtown tech vibe, but we will never forget our roots working with UT’s Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) program that got us to the point where Ihiji is today.

ihiji-developers-officeWe are in-Competent

In celebration of our move, the team participated in a “Name That Room!” survey. Suggestions from team members were in tune with our Austin roots, the strongest contenders being various names of Austin musicians, landmarks, and popular venues. Fittingly, popular downtown venue names won out against the others. We have nicknamed the two mini-conference rooms The Continental Club and the Mohawk while our largest meeting room was dubbed Paramount. The room by the Dev Team has been named after the Elephant Room. Our phone rooms are “Competent”, “Appropriate” and “Considerate”. Get it? 😉

Beer Friday at Ihiji. Sorry light beer lovers

For the past few years, the Ihiji crew has developed a weekly tradition which stems from a couple of the company’s founders Stuart Rench and Mike Maniscalco’s love for great craft beer. Late in the afternoon every Friday, we all grab our glass tasters and everyone shares a bomber of the latest IPA, stout, sour, amber or the latest local brew with some combination thereof. This is a tradition we have definitely  brought into the new digs. Have a look at a timelapse video of how a typical, hard-working Friday typically breaks right into a chill Beer Friday.

For many of us, moving to our new office in the heart of Austin was just what we needed as we grow and expand our ranks. A bigger team with more specialized roles, means Team Ihiji can better serve our customers while simultaneously expanding our services and products. This is a whole new chapter for Ihiji, and we are proud to have a team that enthusiastically embraces this amazing change. We are looking forward to the exciting new opportunities that await us.




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