Ihiji launched the Race For Revenue, Margaritas and Retirement (RMR) at CEDIA Expo 2016 with a goal to generate $1M in RMR for CEDIA technology professionals.  Whether you have an established recurring revenue stream or are just getting into the RMR game, here are three reasons why you should sign up for The Race For RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue) right now!

  1. Free Ihiji ServiceManager Lite subscription. That’s right – free software to generate and collect recurring revenue is offered to all contest participants throughout the duration of the contest.  Bill your customers, generate invoices, import your clients, and market your service plans all through ServiceManager all for FREE!  Additionally, Ihiji Invision Lite now has no monthly fee. That’s a lot of FREE!
  2. Access to Ihiji’s rockstar team and resources on RMR.  Contest participants get one-on-one access to Ihiji’s experts on RMR.  We have all of the knowledge, templates, and resources you need to be successful.  We’ll even help you create your service plan strategy and realize it isn’t going to happen over-night.  That’s why we are running the contest for 12-months and are committing to making you successful.
  3. Great prizes for dealers large and small.  You don’t have to be the biggest and the best to win. Next month we’ll be giving a great prize away to the one randomly selected dealer who processes a service plan to the system. One lucky registrant this month will win a BBQ Brisket from the world famous Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX. The monthly prizes will continue and don’t forget the grand prize trip to Mexico!

What are you waiting for? It takes less than 60 seconds so Sign Up Right Now.

Sign Up For The Contest Today!

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