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Yesterday we read a great article written by Residential Systems’ journalist and professional integrator John Sciacca, titled “The Ways I Troubleshoot Netflix Service Problems”. When you consider that there are 40 million Netflix subscribers in the US alone and that it’s said that they watch close to 10 billion hours of Netflix PER MONTH, it’s little surprise that Netflix is something integrators are familiar with getting phone calls about. With a much loved service comes much anger when that service is temporarily unavailable and, of course, you’re the one on the receiving end of those pleasant phone calls.

John Sciacca’s article aptly pinpoints why troubleshooting Netflix is such a pain for integrators: “The problem is, troubleshooting Netflix issues can be one of the trickiest gremlins to squash as the issue can span a long and wide chasm that touches on multiple pieces of hardware and service providers.”

Sciacca recommends troubleshooting the home network: reboot the modem and the router… and reboot the network devices. If connecting your computer via Ethernet cable directly to the modem still yields no internet connection, then your modem could be faulty or you could have an ISP outage. He then recommends going through all hardware components (phew) beginning with the device that is used to stream Netflix e.g. AppleTV or Xbox, and imparts his words of wisdom: “a ‘good ol’ power cycle is usually good for what ails ya, and can cure a variety of ills.”

Ihiji loves a good ol’ power-cycle as much as the next person, but we’re not fans of you spending three hours at a client site trying to work out which of the many possible components (network or hardware) are causing this home to be without Netflix. Oh and in case you think this problem will get better in time… it won’t. With the advent of Netflix 4K and the average US household having an Internet Speed far below the minimum 25 mbps recommended speed for this UHD streaming service, home networks are likely to get ugly unless you install a quality system (Google fiber is what Netflix runs best on) and adequately monitor the network post-install. That last part is where we come in.

After reading Sciacca’s article, What struck us and one of our customers is that the troubleshooting process he describes for Netflix could be a lot less arduous if you could do it from your desk with a cup of coffee, right?

Well, with Ihiji Invision you can and one of our customers kindly recommended our services in a comment on Sciacca’s article

Things that can cause Netflix drama:


Looking at the above table, Ihiji can monitor 90% of hardware products examined that could be linked to Netflix streaming problems. Plus it can remotely reboot 75% of the above devices which are potential points of failure in a Netflix set up. Sign up for a webinar to see additional uses for Ihiji outside of being a resolver of Netflix dramas, and minimizing buffering blues.

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