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Help us make Invision even better. Ihiji Invision is a powerful tool giving dealers the ability to detect, diagnose, and resolve network problems remotely. As feature rich as our tools are, we occasionally hear from dealers on new ways Invision can make their jobs even easier. To capture and prioritize these requests, we put together a Feature Requests Forum. In the Forum you can read about and vote on features that have already been submitted and also submit your own request. Features with the most votes move to the top. The Ihiji development team regularly checks the Requests Forum to identify and prioritize product enhancements. In some instances, you will see a note from a member of the development team in response to a request.

We Want to Hear From You

When you are logged into Ihiji Invision, type “request forum” into the keyword search box. Here you can review what other features have been submitted and vote. When submitting your feature request, be sure to make the title of the feature a brief description of the feature,. For example, “Email reminder that site is in Test Drive mode.” Use the content area to provide the details. If you submit a feature request, also be sure to go back and vote for it. In fact, get more people to vote for it, and your new feature will become a reality.

Get on the List

To be notified when a new feature has been added, subscribe to Ihiji “announcements” forum. It is where you will learn about new features, fixes, and added support for manufacture products.

Help Ihiji identify and prioritize the features that matter most, go to the Feature Request Forum and vote now.

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