ihiji invision was engineered to support monitoring of any two-way device utilizing a control system to act as the middle man in the communications. Our management team sees this as a temporary solution and is eagerly awaiting widespread adoption of IP enabled home automation and entertainment devices. ihiji is actively working with manufacturers large and small to ensure that when they do equip their devices with an Ethernet port that

Ihiji is featured in Luxury CE Magazine in an article titled “A Dealer Develops a Product for Other Dealers”. “Sometimes the dealer knows best. Being in the field means you know the challenges and solutions needed better than anyone else. To get what they need a dealers must either pressure vendors for better solutions or come up with their own. Invostar, a systems integrator based in West Palm Beach, Florida,

Ihiji has launched its new website at www.ihiji.com to provide dealers, manufacturers, and sales representatives with the most up-to date information on the company’s products and services. In keeping with the invision product design, the new website is both informative and easy to use. The website will also serve as a valuable resource for news, support, and marketing information and visitors are encouraged to check back regularly.

Ihiji made an appearance in the September issue of Residential Systems Magazine as a newcomer to the industry. Read about it at http://bit.ly/5UR9Z.

Ihiji is currently scheduling private demonstrations of invision, its ground breaking software solution at CEDIA Expo 2009 in Atlanta, GA. The company is inviting dealers, manufacturers, and representatives to schedule an appointment for Friday, September 11th or Saturday, September 12th at the Genn Hotel just across the street from the CNN center. To schedule an appointment please contact Michael Maniscalco at cedia2009@ihiji.com or call 1-888-321-9170. Map to Glenn Hotel Please

Newcomer Ihiji Taps 2009 CEDIA Expo to Unveil its Inaugural Product, invision, a 24-hour Remote Home Electronics Systems Monitoring and Management Solution that Empowers Residential Electronics Systems Contractors to Identify and Repair Client System Problems West Palm Beach, FL – August 13, 2009 – ihiji is inviting 2009 CEDIA Expo attendees to experience its inaugural product, invision, a hosted web solution that grants dealers the ability to remotely monitor, service