An Ihiji Rookie’s Guide To The First 10 Yards! This is the first part of ihiji’s new Dealer Playbook, a resource kit that will help you roll out remote monitoring and support to your company and clients. Here are a few successful approaches to use when deploying ihiji’s invision to the first 5-10 customers: Approach a few friendly clients Install in problem installations Simply include it on newer installations that

Integrators and their clients can realize time and cost savings from enhanced understanding of network technology. This is a post that was originally written for as an article Commercial Integrator magazine and is expanded on in an older ihiji blog post on network troubleshooting tools and recommended equipment. As integrators migrate to business models based on service as opposed to profit margins, their command of networks becomes even more critical.

Austin, TX – October 20, 2011 – ihiji is proud to announce that its monitoring and support product, invision, was selected by CE Pro Magazine as the winner of the 2011 CE Pro Best Electronic Systems Technologies (BEST) Award in the Managed/Remote Services category. The award is an exceptional distinction for the company as it is the second year in a row that invision has won this prestigious title. The

Cloud-Based Remote Network Monitoring and Service Support Solution invision Now Available in US and Canada Ease Of Implementation and Unequalled Breadth of Offering is Catalyst for Expansion and Growth Austin, TX – October 3, 2011 – ihiji, creator of the award-winning cloud-based remote monitoring and support system invision, today announces the recent appointment of several independent sales representation firms to execute the company’s strategic growth initiatives in the US and