The new features include a Daily Email Digest, Auto-Key and Ordering system, and support for several new manufacturers. Austin, TX and Indianapolis, IN (CEDIA Expo booth #2602) – August 27, 2012 – ihiji announces today that several new features have been added to the company’s award-winning invision Remote Monitoring and Support system that will immediately benefit residential and commercial integrators via savings in both time and resources. The new features

“OWN THE NETWORK, OWN THE HOME” It’s the theme of this year’s CEDIA Expo so we thought we’d help you get in the mood and get a head start on the show. In addition to networking, CEDIA Expo will also have an abundance of classes on how you can improve your business. To kick you off on that track, we’re offering a course that walks the line of both networking

This year, the theme of CEDIA Expo seems to be Own the Home, Own the Network. We’ve been helping integrators do just that for years and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see us at Expo and learn more about how ihiji invision can help you Own that Network! Here is a quick rundown of where we’ll be during the show: Ihiji’s Booth Booth #2608 CEDIA Courses (Taught by Michael