On Monday, a motion control software and hardware company called Leap Motion, released their first product called the Leap Motion Controller. It allows users to control their computer with hand gestures. Inside the small 0.5 by 1.2 by 3-inch USB-shaped controller are two infrared cameras and 3 LEDs that will detect motion two feet above the controller, 2 feet out either flank, and 2 feet in depth. With its own

ihiji invision is a remote network management solution that is offered to clients as an annual managed service offering which effectively creates a stream of recurring revenue for your business. A consistent flow of recurring payments are obviously a benefit, and they are easily obtainable by selling ihiji as a network management tool within your network packages. Recurring Revenue from a sales point of view is a very easy concept.

In last week’s Future Friday post, I mentioned how I dreamed of flying cars. While that idea is somewhere far in the distance, driverless cars are not. I remember a couple of years ago my friend came to me and said, “Google is so cool, and their campus has cars that drive themselves.” I thought she was joking… until I Googled it. You can about its first appearance here (from

Future Friday (def): The future is ________. Future Friday will be a recurring theme apart of ihiji’s blog. We want to start a conversation, what do you think the future holds for software and technology? What technology out there could use improvement? Let’s talk. When I was eleven years old, I thought that in ten years we would all be flying cars, Jetson-style. Ten years later and I know when