There are many reasons to be excited for CEDIA Expo 2013. ihiji’s Client Care Plan is a FINALIST for the CEDIA Best New Product Award! ihiji will be showing new features as well as highlighting the over 100 changes we’ve made to invision since Expo 2012. The return to Denver is definitely one. The chance to reconnect with friends, peers and vendors is another. Educational opportunities are aplenty. There are

The world’s first Wearable Technology Expo happened just a couple of weeks ago in NYC. Yeah, wearable technology expos are going to be a thing now, can you believe it? Companies debuted their products, ideas, and plans for the future of the potential $4B industry. The ‘wearables’ industry will open doors for application developers, healthcare professionals, and even fashion executives. Here are a couple of examples of ‘wearables’ from the

To go without a Future Friday post about robots would feel like breaking some sort of rule, so here we go. Mike, one of ihiji’s co-founders, came to me with this topic. Many innovations and tech updates we get today seem to be launching fast but it’s actually a very long process of research, funding, and testing. This may sound like an “uh-duh” moment, but aren’t we all used to