Recurring monthly revenue is something every home technology business – and really, any business no matter the industry – is often intrigued by. The financial stability and reliability it provides ensures business owners they have a steady stream of revenue to depend on, and the lengths it goes in fostering long-term, beneficial client relationships is massively attractive. Simply put, recurring monthly revenue (or RMR) is a section of the business’s

Learn to rethink value and differentiation, fine tune your sales pitch, and adjust your compensation plan for the transition to a service-based business model. You have decided to make the transition to managed services. Congratulations! You have made the first step in positioning your business at the forefront of the changing world of commercial integration. Your new service-based business model will require a new sales strategy. You will be selling

Results find home technology professional companies are experiencing strong growth (July 15, 2014)—The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) has released key findings from its 2014 Benchmarking Survey, which evaluates the state of the home technology professional company performance for calendar year 2013 and reports on 2014 expectations. Results find home technology professional companies experienced strong growth in 2013 over 2012, focusing on selling more upgrades/add-ons and expanding services/technical

Remote network management solution features robust cloud-based feature set that provides both advanced intelligence and enhanced security measures AUSTIN, TX – July 10, 2014 – ihiji, a global leader in remote network management announced this week that it today announced that ihiji invision has been named a 2014 Commercial Integrator BEST Award recipient for Network Management Solutions. Each year Commercial Integrator magazine recognizes products that stand out for being innovative,

If you’re not convinced that the network is the center of an automation and audio/video system then you might as well stop reading this.  If you’re curious about what the future of the network holds and how it’s going to impact your decisions then read on! The past few years have been a wild ride. Nearly every device imaginable is living on our networks and it’s changed entire industries.  As

Gigabit internet is the next generation of broadband internet service which is typically delivered over fiber optic lines and provides speeds of 1,000Mbps, which is also referred to as “1 Gbps” or “Gigabit” internet. To be clear, this is the speed of the WAN connection provided from the ISP to your customer’s house, not just the Gigabit Ethernet run over the Cat5e or Cat6 within the home. What this means

TRG Associates President John Brady discusses the latest attrition results and related topics of TRG and Central Station Alarm Association’s (CSAA) Attrition Measurement Study. Each year TRG Associates Inc. and the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) collaborate to produce the Attrition Measurement Study. The report aims to measure the number of customer RMR losses (gross attrition) and the offsets to those losses through resigning like customers/locations and other increases in