IHS report says the system integration market increased $5 billion in 2013 over the previous year. Revenue is expected to continue growing in excess of 9% through 2018. The world market for security system integration was valued at $59.5 billion in 2013, an increase of almost $5 billion from 2012, according to a new report from IHS. The security system integration market consists of the design, consultancy, installation, service and

British author and poet Rudyard Kipling made famous through Disney’s The Jungle Book provided me some lifelong advice in his fable “The Elephant’s Child”: “I keep six honest serving-men, they taught me all I knew, their names are what and where and when and how and why and who.” In other words, when you ask one important question, always ask the other five. It is all too easy to conclude

Asked to share their best advice to VARs looking to push into a recurring revenue model, a panel of solution providers who have already made the jump said they found diving deep into particular vendors or verticals as the key to success. The complexity in the market is helping drive margins up, the solution providers said on the panel, which was held at the ONE Ingram Micro event in Las

Crunching a few numbers, integrator David Daniels shows a production-oriented home automation business model that could yield $80M sales and $15M profit in 10 years. Much was discussed during the recent Azione Unlimited conference about moving into the middle market, with a whole presentation on the subject by David Daniels, principal of the Aspen, Colo.-based integration firm Xssentials. He noted that there are 125 million U.S. urbanites in the mid-market,

GetRMR.com, sponsored by ihiji, provides technology professionals with resources and an online community to assist with managed services and recurring revenue AUSTIN, TX – October 15, 2014 – ihiji, global leader in remote network management solutions, announced today that it is sponsoring and launching a new industry resource, GetRMR.com. The online resource center is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and education on recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and managed services.

Did you know you can make good revenue from remote monitoring and management services? It’s true but it often times requires a little bit of creativity. You’re probably looking for new revenue opportunities as our industry goes through continued evolution. Recurring revenue is an attractive option to technology progressional as it compounds over time and also allows for a continuous predictable stream of income. While you can create significant cost savings that impact the

The consumer of the future will be looking for services that solve real business problems. The day I’m writing this marks the launch of the iPhone 6. That is right, S-I-X. Almost like we batted an eye and we went from this new concept of an iPhone to a now ubiquitous product that has defined the category of smart device. What fewer people are talking about when it comes to

How to add more revenue opportunity to your residential security offering Audio and video services are an attainable growth category for security dealers looking for new business opportunities; in fact, many of the traditional audio/video (AV) and automation companies have roots in security integration. The category is as hot as ever and shows no signs of slowing — so how can a security integrator make the leap into providing AV

Legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum points out three big mistakes dealers make that hurt their recurring monthly revenue account valuations. We talk a lot about the value of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) in building your business valuation and developing an exit strategy. But right now, how much are your accounts really worth? According to legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum of Kirschenbaum & Kirschenbaum, who is also a columnist for CI‘s sister publication

There are products—like TVs, AV receivers, and speakers—that are easy to sell, easy to understand, and pretty easy to understand when specs change. Then there are products created to improve the world of the custom installer. These products give back only what you put into them. They require training to fully understand their benefits and knowledge to implement. If you are willing to put forth such effort, you will cover