5 Ways Your Business Is Suffering from not having recurring revenue. With recurring revenue time is your enemy and speed is your friend. Here are 5 ways you’re business is suffering due to your lack of recurring revenue. New Service And Revenue Opportunities A typical systems integrator has a revenue split of 70% product and 30% services.  With the continued decline of product margins and the onslaught of low cost consumer electronics

Integrators can instantly add recurring monthly revenue (RMR) by selling and monitoring dog or cat collars with GPS built in to them. Dealers can take it a step further to sell (and record) video images from pet collars. It’s estimated there are 70 million to 80 million dogs and 74 million to 96 million cats in the United States. About 37 percent to 47 percent of all households in the

One truth in business that most CEOs and entrepreneurs alike tend to overlook: Not all revenue is created equal. One truth in business that most CEOs and entrepreneurs alike tend to overlook: not all revenue is created equal. Sure, a dollar in sales is a dollar in sales. But the more predictable that dollar is, as in the more likely that you will receive that dollar from your customer every

The nation’s largest security provider posted revenue of $883 million for the quarter ended Sept. 26, up from $846 million for the same period last year. Although its profits declined, ADT Corp. sales increased in the fourth quarter as the company’s Pulse product suite marked its millionth customer, according to earnings released Wednesday. More than 70% of new customers are choosing the Pulse security and home automation offering, the company

Jay McArdle says razor-thin product margins are a good thing for Zdi, because it facilitates service sales. An audible gasp swept through the audience at CI Summit 2013 when Zdi, Inc. CIO Jay McArdle said, “We intentionally erode product margins to show clients the value of our people.” By doing so, he explained during a panel discussion on how to spur recurring revenues, it breaks down some of the opposition

Recurring revenue and home automation awareness are among the reasons why you should consider selling smart home security products to middle-income clients. Eagle Sentry in Las Vegas has the advantage of being in the alarm business and dealing with homebuilders for many years in new construction, so it got to know the entire construction process well. “A lot of integrators focus just on million-dollar homes and they tell me that


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Building RMR

Recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is a fickle little anomaly of the security industry. Everyone’s trying to get more, perhaps not fully understanding the ramifications of what’s involved. RMR takes into account many factors, including cash flow and margins from existing customers, creation costs, attrition, loaded labor, market proposition, competition, technology and accounting metrics. But with thorough due diligence, literally and figuratively, the security dealer and systems integrator can leverage RMR

Article Published By Amy Kothari of Alarm Capital Alliance on Security Infowatch, November 5, 2014 Attrition is a key metric in the security industry. It directly impacts a company’s health, profitability, and the ultimate value of its accounts in an acquisition. Attrition is also one of the most misunderstood concepts in the alarm industry. Many security company owners are shocked to learn that their attrition rate is much higher than