5 Critical Things to Know About IP-Enabled Devices and Your Network Wherever we go, the wide reach of technology is hard to escape. As the popularity of home offices, mobile devices and web-enabled home automation systems has risen we have begun sharing more sensitive and personal information across our networks and devices. This digital ecosystem enables us to be more productive and engaged. New online and remote access services offer both

Welcome to the Internet of Every-Single-Thing-You-Own The HTSA (Home Technology Specialists of America) is a buying group consisting of a number of the country’s top technology integrators. ihiji spent some time chatting with HTSA dealers during the recent HTSA conference in Nashville. Many of these companies were formed early-on as audio visual installers, but have now found themselves to be at the very tip of the spear in the fast-developing Internet of Things (IOT) space.

A Proud Moment Indeed… As a member of the Capital Factory, Ihiji has benefited greatly over the past few years. Access to capital, mentors and all the best resources the hungry startup can eat. As part of this great community of startups in Austin, one of the biggest honors is bestowed whenever any of the CF member companies hit certain revenue benchmarks. At that point, the company logo goes up on the glass, overlooking our way-awesome city

ihiji; Talking Remote Network Management of IOT The ihiji team is heading out to Nashville for the 2015 (Home Technology Specialists of America) HTSA Conference. If you are a home technology expert, then you have probably heard of the HTSA buying group, representing manufacturers and integrators and helping them leverage the best buying power. The HTSA works hard to set the standard of what a cooperative association of like-minded businesses and business executives

Award-winning late-stage startup rapidly developing next generation of Internet of Things technologies, funding will accelerate efforts  AUSTIN, TX – (April 15, 2015) — ihiji announces that it has raised $1.8M in capital to fund next stages of growth and new product development to help manage the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Funding was led by Jopeko, LLC, representing personal capital of healthcare fund manager Peter Kolchinsky and co-managed by Joseph Kolchinsky,

Ihiji has added support for ATEN 6108 and 6208 PDUs. These PDUs support a large variety of monitoring capabilities, including input and output monitoring, status monitoring, uptime, and sensor (temperature, humidity, and pressure) monitoring if sensors are installed. They also allow remote power cycling of individual ports, rebooting of the device, and power on/off operations. Note that even if you power off all outlets, you can still access the device

It’s more expensive than you think. Over the years since founding ihiji, I have seen a repetitive theme in thousands of conversations with dealers all over the world – most businesses don’t fully comprehend the true cost of a truck roll. Integrators of the “Internet of Things” often include a free warranty support period, ranging from 90 days to as long as a year. During this period of time, the

Live Network Management Webcasts Advanced Networking for Techs Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 @ 3:30 PM ET The Internet of Things is expanding faster than most integrators can keep up with. There are new IP-enabled devices out every week across security, automation and audio-visual products. All of these devices are going to put a new strain on the home and small business networks which will increase the probability for failure across

If you are an HTSA (Home Technology Specialists of America) member, then we hope to see you at the upcoming HTSA Spring Conference from April 20th-23rd. The ihiji team will be in Nashville for the conference, some meet & greets and the HTSA VendorFest. Come on by and say hello and also learn about the ihiji remote network management solution and how a subscription to the service for each of your

Best Practices for Your Technology Integration Business One topic likely to come up at this year’s event will be discussions on how to create a new stream of recurring revenue for your business. Network uptime and optimization packages can be sold as a monthly subscription to your clients. They pay for the service to keep their network carefully monitored for potential trouble including network and IP device failure. The integrator can monitor, diagnose