Ihiji’s latest video features OneVision, a Boston based technology integrator that leverages Ihiji Invision in their Services Operations Center to help manage their client’s end-to-end technology requirements. The 7 minute video features OneVision founder and managing director Joseph Kolchinsky and several other key employees of OneVision discussing their unique take on integration services and how Ihiji has been a key factor in helping them achieve that vision (pun absolutely intended).

Improving  Margins for Technology Integrators  It is always a balance between meeting your client’s high expectations, while completing the project within their defined budget. When you factor in the shrinking margins on the hardware devices you are selling into each project, the question must be raised; “Where or how are you going to make up for that loss to your bottom line?” Remote Managed Services The answer is, and has

How to Make Remote Network Management Work for You Selling a monthly service like remote network management is not always easy. But the beautiful thing about Ihiji network monitoring software is that integrators and tech professionals get to decide for themselves how to incorporate the price of Ihiji remote network management services into their business models. In this case study we travel to Oklahoma City, where an AV integration firm

Ihiji’s own Steve Muccini wrote an article for Home Toys, an online trade magazine for residential and commercial A/V and automation systems, that was featured yesterday on their website. He talks about the benefits of remote managed network services to integrators, but as Steve points out, homeowners are the real winners here. > To read more check out the Home Toys article! <

Dad! The movie stopped again! No, it’s not 1989 and the VCR didn’t just eat your tape. Today, in the modern household when your kids are heard screaming a line like this it’s because your network is struggling to download your movies (along with all the other network traffic) and as a result, some of the traffic (like your kids’ movie), pauses or buffers. As the popularity expands for streaming

OneVision Gets Client Technology Right We spent the day with Boston-based technology solution provider, OneVision Resources talking about the evolution of the value proposition for the integration industry. As with many organizations they started their business installing entertainment, security, automation, personal and business technology devices but have since pivoted into the more lucrative role of trusted technology solutions provider. This has allowed them to center the business around the optimization of