Since 2010 Ihiji has been collecting awards left and right! Now with our new product Ihiji ServiceManager gaining a CEDIA finalist spot for Best New Product, we decided it was time to put them all together in a comprehensive list. We promise that our virtual trophy case is much more impressive than where we keep our actual trophies (which is the ping pong/breakroom/lunch table). We are incredibly honored and humbled to be

Why Remote Network Management Shouldn’t Be an Option Some AV installers believe that an ongoing service contract that includes remote network management is a line item to be added or deleted at the client’s will. Not this Pennsylvania-area residential AV integrator. Instead, the firm uses Ihiji invision remote network management tools tied to a three-tiered client care plan offering (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and insists that if it is going to

It’s been months in the planning process but we’ve put together a really amazing new tradeshow booth (#4938) and you will be able to you’ll be able to find us on level two in the Exhibit Hall! Team Ihiji is also incredibly excited for this CEDIA EXPO because we are to showcase the soon-to-be-released Ihiji ServiceManager! We’re especially excited because ServiceManager is the solution to a question many of our

Ihiji is proud to announce Evan Marty joining as Customer Success Sherpa Our team is especially excited because Evan has been a loyal (and very successful) Ihiji dealer with decades of industry experience. Ihiji CEO, Stuart Rench says that Evan Marty is “uniquely qualified to guide our customers toward a business model that focuses on service contracts as a means of recurring monthly revenue.” Not only has Evan been an Ihiji dealer

Ihiji to launch new SaaS product to help technology integrators You know Ihiji as the leading remote managed services provider for the technology integration market since 2009 with Ihiji Invision. We’ve been working closely with our existing dealers over the years on how we can help them to make their business more productive and profitable. We’ve learned a lot about what was holding them back. In other words, many of our dealers are using our

Each year, we send a short survey to our customers. How are we doing? What new features would you like to see? What else can we do to help you to run your technology integration business? It is a very important part of our business because it helps us to better understand your business. First of all, we’d like to tell our customers, “Thank You”. Once again we received a great response with plenty of

Tired of Negotiating your ISP fees? You know how you have to negotiate every month with your ISP on how much your bill should be based upon the actual upload and download speeds they deliver? What? You don’t negotiate with your ISP to pay only for the bandwidth they actually delivered? Well…neither do we. Or anyone for that matter. You pay what you pay and get what you get You are

In a recent survey many of our vendors have talked about the fact that Ihiji has saved them from rolling many a truck to a problem site. This benefits are obvious when a client is in a remote location but what about just a run-of-the-mill truck roll? How much do those actually cost? Let’s consider that most integrators are passionate about taking care of their customers and many offer a

We are incredibly stoked to announce that the soon-to-be released Ihiji ServiceManager has been selected as one of the top finalists for the upcoming CEDIA Best New Product Award. This is quite a prestigious award indeed and we are very excited to be bringing our new solution to market for our customers and technology integrators of all types and sizes. Please come on by the booth at this year’s CEDIA Expo in Dallas