How do you manage firmware? Here is a not so uncommon problem when it comes to keeping the latest, greatest and safest hardware installed within your client’s projects. This is an article pointing out how Fortinet recently identified a secret SSH backdoor within its hardware. Do you know which client sites currently use the networking products which may be exposed? A similar scenario recently called out Juniper firewall products for a backdoor in one of its

Snow storm has frozen your support After the latest snow storm, you might have to upgrade your AV service van to one with treads. If you plan to deliver on-site support to your clients come what may, you’d better have a better plan.  The fact of the matter is that in addition to the hard costs of filling the van’s gas tank or sitting still in traffic, you not being able to get to a client’s

How the IoT will hit the typical workplace Ihiji Co-founder and CEO, Stuart Rench had a busy CES last week participating on two separate IoT panels during the show. This particular group was put on by Dell and was called, The Internet of Work Things. Discussing topics related to how the IoT is going to impact typical office and industrial applications, it was clear that the IoT is going to

Bringing Remote Support Services to EMEA Once again, we are looking forward to heading over the Atlantic to Amsterdam and the latest Integrated Systems Europe show (ISE). Last year we had a great showing, exhibiting with our close partners, Control4. This year, we will again be in the Control4 stand (10-N114) and we have a lot more to talk about including new devices and features within Ihiji Invision and an entirely new SaaS tool,

The Connections Summit on the IoT at CES The Connections Summit put on by Parks Associates was an assembly of panels and research results on the various challenges and opportunities in the hyper growth Internet of Things (IoT) segment. This year, Ihiji CEO Suart Rench was asked to participate on one of the panels titled, Support Solutions: IoT and the Connected Home which examined the innovative support technologies which will be required in this new IoT