Recurring revenue and home automation awareness are among the reasons why you should consider selling smart home security products to middle-income clients.

Eagle Sentry in Las Vegas has the advantage of being in the alarm business and dealing with homebuilders for many years in new construction, so it got to know the entire construction process well.

“A lot of integrators focus just on million-dollar homes and they tell me that with the infrastructure of their business is does not make a lot of sense [to deviate from that target market]. But the truth is that the middle market is actually the most profitable portion of our business,” says Greg Simmons, vice president at CE Pro 100 Eagle Sentry, during a recent CE Pro webinar that also included David Weinstein, vice president of residential sales for Lutron Electronics, and Fred Napolitano II, senior vice president of Napolitano Homes in Virginia Beach, Va.

How so?

“One, there is recurring revenue attached. And recurring revenue is really valuable when you are doing many homes a year versus just a few,” he notes.

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Article Published By Jason Knott on CE Pro, November 7, 2014

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