A recent report put together by Parks Associates called “The Evolution of Tech Support: Global Trends and Outlooks” is worth a look. It is a pay report (and we don’t get a piece ;-)), but it may be worth your while if you are interested in how your clients will be more willing to pay for the right RMR services as it relates to the health and optimization of their devices. If you are a custom designer, technology integrator or installer of home networks or any type of gear which will connect to a client’s network, also know as IP-enabled, IP-based or networkable devices, this new support service opportunity represents revenue that is yours to lose. In case you cannot read the graphic, the message is clear. parks_associates_remote_iot_support

“Nearly 50% of consumers who have no plans of renewing their support subscriptions would renew if the service tuned-up their devices monthly.”

Ihiji dealers are able to remotely monitor their clients’ devices to get notifications of online/offline status as well as additional alerts triggered by settings thresholds set by your technicians. We gravitated to the infographic on the email they sent us to promote this research report because it addresses exactly the space you are playing in right now. It is an important distinction when positioning these services with clients. You are not selling just an extended warranty or annual maintenance type of service. This is something entirely new. You are helping to keep your client’s entire technology infrastructure online and optimized, all the time. Delivering support services like this, you are going to be able to get ahead of the kinds of problems which may now cause an angry customer to call your support desk. It is clear that, as the complexity of networkable devices increases in the home, clients will pay for the benefit of knowing that everything will just work as they expect. You can call it your “Device Uptime Service”, “Network Optimization Service” or “Preemptive Technology Support”, but don’t wait much longer to offer it to clients. We are seeing a rising demand for this kind of service, but also a rising supply of service providers who will be offering this service as well. Learn more in this post highlighting a recent panel at CES in Las Vegas run by Parks Associates, where Ihiji CEO talked about the IoT support challenges we are likely to see in the near term.

Get ahead of the support headaches before they become unmanageable and affect your bottom line.


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