Learn to rethink value and differentiation, fine tune your sales pitch, and adjust your compensation plan for the transition to a service-based business model.

You have decided to make the transition to managed services. Congratulations! You have made the first step in positioning your business at the forefront of the changing world of commercial integration.

Your new service-based business model will require a new sales strategy. You will be selling and collecting recurring revenue, decreasing lump sum payments, and working to convince clients that your services, not your competitors’, are the best for them.

But how? Before you begin selling managed services, rethink the “why.” Why should clients buy from your company and not others? What are the compelling and unique types of value you bring to the table?

Hint: It’s not the bells and whistles of your latest technology. If you fail to differentiate your company’s true value, you end up with the same commodities (SaaS and HaaS) that competitors offer. That’s a quick path to a price war.

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Article Published By Commercial Integrator, July 23, 2014

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